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What good are cloth masks really?

Cloth masks are cheap, available in every drugstore and popular with influencers and celebrities. The facial masks made of fleece are supposed to act like vitamin injections for the complexion and, if used regularly, can replace expensive treatments in the beauty salon. But what’s really behind the hype surrounding sheet masks? Tikbow asked a dermatologist.

Sheet masks are in themselves the ideal beauty treatment for the home: they are very easy to use, there is no need to wash them off – the mask is simply pulled off and the rest is patted into the skin. However, the price range for the trendy masks is wide: In the drugstore, cloth masks can be found for as little as three euros. High-quality cosmetic brands offer masks that can only be used once, sometimes for 20 to 60 euros. And also the advertising promises are versatile.

What effect do sheet masks have?

Sheet masks are said to have a wide range of beneficial properties. Depending on the desired care effect, the sheet masks are said to give the skin a freshness boost, cleanse it or replenish moisture depots, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Some masks are also said to make signs of tiredness such as dark circles under the eyes or a sallow complexion disappear, at least according to theory.

What the expert says

Tikbow turned to dermatologist Dr. Timm Golüke. In his Munich practice, cloth masks are used from time to time – but only as an additional moisturizer to the actual treatment, "for example, after a dermabrasion (a mechanical procedure to abrade the skin, e.g. for acne, ed.) the skin is more sensitive and absorbs the active ingredients well", explains the expert. Accordingly, it can have a positive effect if the beautician uses a sheet mask after a thorough facial, even if only a slight one. The classic care, i.e. thorough cleansing, regular  peelings and masks with rich serums, do not replace the sheet mask, however, the dermatologist knows.

Dr. Golüke considers the sheets to be more of a practical in-between refresher, for example on an airplane. "The masks get through the fluid checks at the gate and are particularly useful on a long-haul flight as an express moisturizer, as the air on the plane is extremely dry." However, it is important to always cleanse the face before use! Otherwise, the sheets would function on unclean skin like a kind of fry cell for impurities, says the expert. 

Cloth masks and the environment

Cloth masks have a big catch: they are disposable items and therefore pollute the environment. In addition, they are usually packaged in foil, which causes further unnecessary waste. Therefore, you should consider whether you would prefer to use a classic mask from a tube or whether you would prefer to make the mask yourself.