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What can you do about hip dips: These tips can reduce or conceal hip bulges

We women already don’t have it easy – we are constantly confronted with the seemingly perfectly built stars and models in social media, on TV and in magazines, without suspecting that most of the photos are edited or that there is actually hard work behind the stunning figure. No wonder we are constantly looking at all our flaws, and that even though we should know that it is exactly them that make us unique, special and beautiful. Nevertheless, of course, every woman should be able to decide for herself if and how to change what she is not satisfied with. Among other things, it is mainly hip dips that cause headaches for many ladies. What can you do about hip dips? We’ll tell you a few tricks.

What can you do against Hip Dips?

Bulges on the hips are genetically determined

Why do you have hip dips? The fact that the dips appear on the sides of the hips is due to purely genetic and physical causes. Therefore, first of all, you cannot make them miraculously disappear, because whether they appear and how pronounced they are depends mainly on where your body is most likely to accumulate fat in these areas, how pronounced your muscles are and where the skin adheres to your pelvis.

What to do about hip dips - Reduce hip dimples with consistency

However, you can conceal or reduce hip dimples in a wide variety of ways, and you can do it in a healthy way through exercise, as well as through refined clothing or more radically with cosmetic surgery. We explain in the following: What helps against hip dips?

Train away Hip Dips

What to do about hip dips - Train away with the right exercises

As mentioned above, among other things, the hip muscles play a role in how pronounced the hip bulges are. Therefore, you can already make a difference with a suitable Hip Dips exercise (or better a combo of several), but also with sports in general. However, you should follow through with this consistently to see results. And this is not only good for your hips, but also for your entire body and thus, of course, for your health. The perfect motivation, then, to finally integrate a little more exercise into your daily routine.  But what exercises help against hip dips? How do you train them away? The best exercises are those that strengthen the “gluteus maximus” muscle (e.g. Hip Thrusts). You can also find a good hip dips workout in this article .

The right diet

Reduce fat with food or build muscles to fill the dimples

What can be done about Hip Dips regarding the foods we eat? In order for exercise to have its full effect, of course, the diet must be right. What food helps against hip dips? This is a little more difficult to answer. Fat is reduced by a calorie deficit, but this means that you will also lose weight on the rest of your body. You can’t specifically reduce fat on a specific part of your body. However, if you want to reduce bulges by building muscle, a calorie surplus and protein-rich diet is important.

How to hide hip dips with the right clothes?

What can you do about hip dips - Wear the right clothes

Are you going to a party, to the beach or in general would like to know how to conceal your hip curves in everyday life? What clothes should you wear with hip dips and what pants are the most suitable? You can probably already guess that tight-fitting models are less suitable, as they emphasize the bulges. Instead, go for loose and wide garments such as paperbag pants or an airy summer dress. Regarding the length, however, you have a free choice or rather, you are also guided by your other body shapes.

Suitable swimwear to hide the bulges on the hips

And which bikini can be worn with Hip Dips? Of course, any! However, if you feel uncomfortable with the usual models, go for bikini bottoms that hide the dents a little:

  • Ruffled models
  • to tie at the side
  • with high waist
  • shorts
  • Bottom in retro style
  • Pareo to cover the hips
  • Bathing skirt

This will make you feel more confident and comfortable on the beach.

The more radical option: cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery for permanently filled dimples

Meanwhile, the option of cosmetic surgery is available. Here you have the choice between implants, fillers to even out the dents and the transfer of your own fat. The doctor can best explain to you which are the better options in your case. If you choose this option, be sure to look for a clinic with a good reputation and experience and don’t be swayed by low prices.

Surgery to fill the hip dips with proper aftercare

How much does it cost to fill hip dips? This cannot be answered with an exact figure, because it depends on the clinic on the one hand, and on the effort that will be necessary for your correction on the other. Also, keep in mind that afterwards you should follow the aftercare recommended by your doctor in order to benefit from the surgery permanently.

You can read more about “Filling the hip curves” in this article .

What can you do about hip dips - tips for concealment