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What can you do about drooping corners of your mouth?

If the skin on the face loses elasticity with age, this mainly affects the cheek area. The corners of the mouth start to droop – a completely natural process. But what can you do to prevent this? Tikbow has the best tips.

Of course, drooping mouth corners are not a bad thing, but they can make the facial expression look a bit tired and annoyed under certain circumstances. This phenomenon is called puppet wrinkles or puppet mouth. But there are ways to counteract expression lines.

Facial gymnastics against drooping corners of the mouth

In order to strengthen the elasticity of the cheeks, it is worthwhile to carry out a small facial fitness program. Three exercises are particularly suitable for training the facial muscles around the mouth.

  • Place the head on the neck and form a kissing mouth with the lips. Hold this position for five seconds and release.
  • Clench your hands into fists and rest your chin on the fists, holding the position for about three seconds.
  • Try to touch the tip of the nose with the tongue, hold for five seconds.

All Übungen should be repeated for five to ten minutes in the morning or evening.

Concealing with concealer

If the wrinkles around the so-called mento-labial fold between the corner of the mouth and the chin are not yet very deep, they can also be concealed quite simply with a little concealer. This lightens the area of the face, making the wrinkles less noticeable. However, it is important to use a creamy texture that is worked in with a suitable brush so that the concealer does not stick. And: fix it with powder!

Inject the corners of the mouth with hyaluronic acid

Those who are bothered by their deep mento-labial wrinkles can have them plumped up with hyaluronic gel by a doctor. But beware: the outpatient, invasive beauty procedure does have its risks and its price (from 300 euros upwards). Depending on the type, the result usually lasts no longer than six to twelve weeks.