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What can filler injections for face, breast and buttocks really do?

Fillers for smoother facial skin, plumper lips and contoured cheeks – it’s not just celebrities who rely on the fountain of youth from the syringe. But what can the method really do and how long-lasting is it?

If you look at older pictures of Kylie Jenner, you can hardly recognize the superstar with 249 million Instagram followers: the lips are much narrower, the buttocks flatter, the noses rounder. The cosmetics billionaire makes no secret of the procedures she has undergone to achieve her desired appearance. But she has changed all that, the entrepreneur revealed in the past, without ever having gone under the knife. She owes her transformation exclusively to filler treatments. And indeed, hyaluronic and autologous fat injections are minimally invasive beauty treatments in the true sense of the word. Tikbow asked an expert how the beauty interventions work and for what purposes they are suitable.

What exactly are fillers?

When we talk about fillers, we are generally referring to a filler, which includes plumping creams as well as injections with hyaluronic acid to treat wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines or nasolabial folds. Mimic wrinkles treated with Botox, which weakens the muscle impulse, are not considered fillers. In fact, hyaluronic acid offers a wide range of treatments, explains physician Julia Hartl in response to a STYLBEOOK inquiry. It can be modeled with it cheek bones or lips and eye rings under-injected, also a light nose correction is possible, so the Expertin. The lower jawline can also be improved with facial fillers.

How does a filler treatment proceed?

In most cases, an injection treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and rarely lasts longer than 30 minutes. The expert at the Kö-Klinik in Düsseldorf explains "that the number of sessions depends on the condition of the skin and what result you want to achieve. For some patients, one session is enough; for others, several are necessary." The result of lip modeling can be seen immediately, but for other parts of the face, it takes one to two weeks for the injections to take full effect and for the final result to be seen, Hartl said.

Risks, costs and aftercare

Side effects of a filler treatment can include slight irritation, swelling or bruising at the injection sites. Important: Do not rely on cheap offers and make sure to have the injections performed by an experienced specialist.

"A serious average price for a lip injection with 0.5 ml hyaluron filler is around 350 euros", says Hartl. But don’t forget: The injections do not last indefinitely. Depending on the area of the face, re-treatment may be necessary.

Breast and butt enhancement with body fillers

In the face, filler treatments for full lips and wrinkle-free skin have long since ceased to be a rarity. However, if the focus is on the breast or the face, the so-called own-fat injection is used, for example in the Brazilian Butt Lift. To do this, the doctors suck out the body’s own fat with liposuction and prepare it in a time-consuming procedure. Lipofilling, as it is called, is then suitable for building up volume, Hart explains. Chemical fillers are also used, but their effect is less long-lasting than injections of the patient’s own fat.

The costs vary depending on the region of the body and the patient’s expectations. However, one should calculate from 2000 euros upwards. However, this is also a long-term investment: "The result of a volume increase in the breast or face area lasts up to three years, after which the filler degrades again. "The risks are comparable to a conventional injection, although the effort is greater and the final effect is only visible after about two weeks.