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What are the benefits of a sculpting massage for face and body?

The so-called modeling or sculpting massage is currently experiencing a real hype as a gentle and at the same time allegedly highly effective beauty treatment. The method is available for the face, but other areas of the body can also be “sculpted” in this way.” Tikbow wanted to know if laying hands with the right technique can really do as much as a facelift or express diet, and turned to experts with this question.

What is a sculpting massage?

A sculpting massage – sometimes called sculptural massage – is intended to bring the tissue into the desired shape. You can book the treatment with more and more naturopaths and cosmetologists, but you can also do it yourself: With the right massage technique, the treated muscles should be loosened and the lymph flow and blood flow stimulated. But what effect does this actually have?

What is the purpose of a sculpting massage?

Various users of such massages refer to them as modeling facelifts – those who undergo the treatment are said to look fresher and rejuvenated afterwards. The targeted pressure is said to smooth the contours and thus visibly reduce wrinkles. Sagging skin is given new elasticity.

In the meantime, the modeling massage is also used on other parts of the body. Through stronger movements than with a classic massage, deeper skin layers are reached and in this way fat deposits can be redistributed to a certain degree. Also orange peel skin is to be reduced thereby.

Where does the treatment come from?

The treatment method is said to have been invented by Yakov Gershkovich, a trained physician and Israeli by choice with Russian roots. In the meantime he is booked by different institutions and organizations all over the world for trainings. Many of them offer sculptural/modeling massage based on his model.

The core idea of his massage technique, as he puts it himself: Negative feelings should be eliminated and the resulting muscle cramps should be relieved, which can be at the expense of a sympathetic, attractive appearance. "This way we bring natural beauty back to every face,"he explains on Instagram.

How does the massage work?

The whole process takes about an hour, starting with lymphatic drainage and hurrying the face of the body or body parts to be treated. Then the specialist works with her hands from the bottom upwards along the so-called sculptural lines. On the face, these are the chin, cheekbones and eyebrows.

A sculpting massage is not rocket science. So also Begründer Gershkovich explains on Instagram that there are no limits to improvisation. And yet, on the part of the practitioner, a "delicate technique" is required – regardless of whether the massage is performed by a trained therapist or by oneself.

Does a modeling massage really bring an effect?

Sandra Weigel, a cosmetician with a studio in Frankfurt am Main, is convinced of the success of the Absolute treatment. In conversation with Tikbow, she calls modeling massages her specialty, but admits that between treatments by a professional, a man or woman can also do it themselves. For example, a jade roller can also achieve a comparable effect. Weigel refers to various detailed instructions on the Internet – and something very essential: "The previously cleaned face well einölen, so that the auxiliary tools or the massage handles do not pull on the skin."

The modeling massage is particularly suitable for unpleasant puffiness around the eyes (puffy eyes). But also the simple desire for a fresher, wrinkle-free appearance is served. Thus the treatment is suitable for everyone – unless the skin is acutely irritated or even inflamed.

One should not expect too much

According to physiotherapist Andre Scholz, managing director of Physion, one should not expect too much from the so-called modeling massage. A change is conceivable due to the improved lymphatic drainage höchstens for a few hours, according to the expert. To compare the facial treatment with a facelift – according to Scholz‘ assessment "plain nonsense".

This is also the case with the rest of the body. "There is no evidence that sculpting massage can bring about a permanent change in the tissue", says physiotherapist Scholz. Circulation and lymphatic drainage are at best temporarily stimulated.

Cosmetician Weigel confirms this: “To really achieve a long-term effect, you have to repeat the modeling facial massage two to three times a week. The prices can vary greatly from provider to provider.


A modeling massage can not spend miracles, but also does not hurt – provided that it is worked cleanly and according to instructions. The treatment can therefore be useful, for example, if you want to look fresh in the evening or the following day or feel particularly comfortable in your body. However, a strong massage – whether on the face or other areas – can be very relaxing, and that alone has a positive effect on the appearance.