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What are BB, CC and DD creams actually for?

When it comes to cosmetic products, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on – especially with names like BB, CC or DD cream. Tikbow breaks down the mini beauty alphabet – and explains what the creams can do and for whom.

BB cream as a foundation alternative

BB stands for Blemish Balm. The BB cream was invented in the 1950s by the German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek. She wanted to support the healing of the skin after medical peelings. Accordingly, the original was thick and mattifying at the time. In the 1980s, the BB Cream was rediscovered and further developed in Korea.

Today’s BB creams are real all-rounders and a practical mixture of day cream and make-up. The balm base is based on moisturizer, explains Ricarda Zill of the Industrial Association of Body Care and Washing Products (IKW).  "A good BB cream covers slight unevenness due to a higher pigment content, without clogging the pores like conventional make-up", the expert explains. They often also contain mineral pigments that can help the skin to regenerate better.

BB creams are more nourishing than normal foundation and therefore generally the better choice for dry skin, but they can’t hide dry and flaky patches that are already there, as Zill explains. The pigments of Blemish-Balm settle – ähnlich like classical make-up – fast at the dry parts and lead so to unschönen marks. Zill therefore recommends applying a rich day cream to such areas before applying pigmented products. In addition, she recommends using a gentle peeling in the evening as a preventive measure if the formation of spots is severe in isolated areas.

CC cream for color correction

The name stands for "Colour Correction" or "Complexion Correction" and is virtually the further development of the BB cream. These products provide the skin with moisture, correct the skin tone and cover Rötungen and impurities. CC creams are also available in green (ideal against redness, because green neutralizes the red color) or yellow (ideal for particularly dull, sallow skin). These perfectly match your own skin tone. The most important difference to BB creams is that they not only protect and care for the skin, but also improve its appearance with long-term use.

However, the CC cream does not provide a flawless make-up effect. It merely ensures a somewhat more even complexion and moisturized skin, but cannot score with strong coverage either. In contrast to BB creams, most CC creams also conjure up a velvety matte finish.

What is a DD cream?

The name stands for Dynamic Do-All and promises to combine the care properties of CC and BB creams in one tube. The cream is designed to moisturize, prime, correct imperfections and protect the skin. At the same time, thanks to special active ingredients, wrinkles are to be reduced and the skin texture refined. DD creams are particularly suitable for mature skin, as they cover the first signs of aging, such as pigmentation spots, more intensively than CC creams.

With material from dpa