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Types of jewelry for piercing -tunnel, barbell or BCR?


There are different types of jewelry for piercing that are used as piercings. They have, depending on the body part for which they are intended, different shapes.

Jewelry for piercing – the BCD


The most common is the BCR (Ball Closure Ring). It is a ring that is closed with the help of a small ball with two indentations. The two ends of the ring are clamped into these two indentations.

Other types of jewelry for piercing – the barbell


The barbell is also very popular as jewelry for piercing. There are different types of the barbell, where the metal pins can have different shapes. It can be straight, curved or shaped as a ring. It has threads on both sides, onto which balls or other end pieces can be screwed as desired.

Plugs and tunnels


Plugs or tunnels are used to expand a hole, respectively, piercing. Most often they have a round shape.
For the body surface, the so-called surface bar is used as jewelry for piercing. It consists of a pin, the ends of which are at an angle of 90 degrees to him. This piercing must necessarily be chosen depending on the anatomy and the place for which it is intended.

From what materials is made jewelry for piercing


The most commonly used material for the production of jewelry for piercing is medical steel. This is due to its low price and the fact that it very rarely causes allergic reactions. However, titanium is the most suitable, as it is hypoallergenic and light. Other variants include gold, but it must be at least 16 carats, niobium, Teflon, acrylic, silicone and even wood and glass. Although silver is so widely used, it is not a suitable material for piercing because it has a high degree of chemical reactivity and can cause inflammation and allegies.

Tragus Ball Closure Ring


Piercing rings with gold cover

Stainless steel barbell

schmuck-als-stahl-stange-piercing-barbell The components of the barbell

Heart shaped piercing made of niobium





bcd-piercing-form-schmuck-steine-verziert bcd-edel-steine-piercing-nabel-schmuck