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This is what Nicole Kidman does before she goes to bed

Skin like Snow White, hair like gold – Nicole Kidman has remained largely true to her look throughout her decades-long career. In a clip for the U.S. magazine “Harper’s Bazaar,” the Hollywood star revealed that this even complexion doesn’t need as much care as she thought.

Nicole Kidman has been in front of the camera for 40 years now, and once upon a time she still inspires people with her almost elfin appearance. In the video series "Go to bed with…" the 54-year-old now revealed her 4-minute skincare evening routine, her üsurprising motto: Less is more!

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While standing in front of the mirror in her bathroom – a colorful cabinet with floral wallpaper and lots of pattern –, the actress explains what her skincare routine looks like in the evening: Tie up the unruly curly mane, remove makeup with cleanser and water, and then apply a rich facial oil enriched with CBD: Kidman relies here on the "Seratopical Radiant Glow Facial Oil" by Sera Labs (approx. 30 euros).

Nicole Kidman goes for Öl for hair

When it comes to curly hair, the Hollywood star swears by a öl that works overnight to care for and nourish the hair. Her favorite is Philip B’s "Rejuvenating Oil" cost: a good 40 euros for 60 ml. If time permits, she also treats herself to a peeling, says Kidman, which helps against the dry skin on her chin, which is also heavily stressed by her husband Keith Urban’s three-day beard.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
Since 2006 Nicole Kidman is married to the country singer Keith Urban, the couple has two children together. Photo: Getty Images

And: "I love jogging and swimming in the sun", the actress reveals – but never without supplying her skin with sufficient zinc and applying sunscreen.

Before she then crawls into bed with her husband, she treats herself to a few drops of a fragrant spray (Keith knows nothing about it!), a sleeping mask and a relaxing yogi tea, including the motto: "Appreciate yourself and honor your soul" – "Appreciate yourself and honor your soul".