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The skincare and makeup secrets of model Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber is on the fast track: the daughter of Cindy Crawford has long since joined the new supermodel ranks. At just 20 years old, she has already graced advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein and Versace, walked for all the big names, and has more than 6 million followers on Instagram alone. On YouTube, the model has now shared her very personal makeup and skincare secrets – including gemstones “activated” by the full moon and idiosyncratic makeup tricks.

The modeling life is no walk in the park for the skin: makeup, makeup removal, eyebrow bleaching, eyebrow waxing, traveling, and a stressful workday. Kaia Gerber therefore relies on a thorough 20-minute skincare routine to protect her skin from pimples and irritations. In the past, she had to deal with bad skin, as she revealed in a Vogue video. But now, she says, she has finally found a routine she can rely on – a routine that, for her, is much more than just facials: "I thought I was going to get very lonely in hotel rooms (…). Having routines that I can take with me around the world makes me feel much more comfortable and secure".

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Kaia Gerber’s Skincare Secret Weapon

Gerber prepares her skin for make-up with cleanser and toner. Her products of choice: the Youth To The People "Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser" and the "Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Peeling" from Paula’s Choice. This is followed by Niacinamide– an ingredient that is quite hyped in the beauty scene. Behind it is vitamin B3, which is considered an anti-aging wonder weapon and is supposed to protect against damage caused by UV exposure. It saved my skin,” Kaia enthuses about the power vitamin.

What else does she love? Gemstones in all shapes and colors, which she "dt", as she says. So she puts them out at full moon or sun and then uses them for facial massage. Then she applies moisturizer, Youth To The People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream, and then sunscreen. Gerber learned from her mother how important UV protection is, especially for the skin on the face and décolleté, because "you don’t want to age faster than you have to;

Afterwards, she moisturizes her lips with Laneige moisturizer and finishes her skincare routine with Caudalie facial toner – a trick she picked up from her makeup artists to prepare her skin for makeup.

The make-up tricks of the supermodel

"I never wear heavy foundation", the model clarifies right at the beginning. Instead, Gerber prefers lightly covering products and spreads the whole thing with her fingers, because that gives her a more natural look, as she explains. Nor is powder blush to be found in her cosmetics bag; her secret tip: creamy lipstick as a blush substitute. For a light sunburn effect, she applies a berry shade to the bridge of her nose and cheeks in the style of the e-girl trend. She then dabs the lip color onto the eyelids with her fingers as a kind of cream eye shadow, and adds a little shimmer powder on top. The eyelashes are then bent upwards with a pair of pliers, the roots are lightly mascaraed – not the ends (!) – and the outer corners of the eyes are still emphasized with dark eye shadow. Then a little highlighter on cheekbones and lips – finished is the natural, sun-kissed look à la Kaia Gerber.