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The most important care oils in check

Oils clog pores and make hair greasy? No way! Used correctly, nourishing oils are the ideal addition to your daily beauty routine. STYLEBOOk presents the most important oils.

Have you given Öl a wide berth so far? Then watch out: The new skin and hair care products are quickly absorbed and leave no greasy film. With the right application, there’s no need to worry about a greasy sheen on the skin or stiff hair.

Care products for the body

Body oils provide the skin with ideal moisture. This is because skin-related oils contain essential fatty acids and lipids that are introduced directly into the lipid layer of the skin. In this way, they not only stabilize the balance of fat and moisture, but can also store the latter longer than body lotion. Tip: Body lotions are most effective if they are applied to the still damp skin directly after showering. In this way, oil and water combine without the need for extra additives. The moisture is optimally locked in. If you don’t like it quite so öl in the morning before getting dressed, you can simply mix a few drops of Öl into your favorite body lotion.

Facial oils

They are the star in the beauty league – but unfortunately only a secret one. The prejudice that skin care products clog pores and cause blemished skin persists. The fact is, however, that they signal to the hyperactive sebaceous glands that there is enough skin oil, and they actually shut down production.

What else can facial oils do? They act like a freshness cure, can be ideally combined with conventional care and are quickly absorbed. However, the correct sequence for facial care must be observed. First apply day cream and then face cream. Please do not apply the other way around, as Öl can penetrate the skin through the cream, but Öl forms a film on the skin that a cream cannot penetrate. Tip: Make-up artists also like to mix Öl with foundation to make the complexion appear more radiant and transparent.


Here, too, the widespread opinion is that Öle weigh down the hair and are only something for dry or curly mähnen. Wrong! Modern products are designed for different hair types and are therefore the perfect all-round care. The fatty acids contained protect the hair from external influences. Tip: Care oils can also be used immediately before washing the hair.

Care products for the nails

Especially those who often paint their nails need an extra portion of care. Nail polish removers extract a lot of oil and moisture from the skin and nails and make the sensitive nail bed more susceptible to cracks and inflammation. A Öl treatment once a week is a real boon and strengthens the nails. Tip: Many products are also available in stick form. Since these can be applied more easily and more precisely, they are often easier to use in everyday life.