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The most beautiful eyebrow shapes: How to find the perfect eyebrows that fit your face!

Beautifully shaped eyebrows are undoubtedly one of the most important features in our face, giving it contour and expression. They have the power to optimally set off our facial features or cleverly conceal various imperfections. There are the most diverse eyebrow shapes and each of them affects our expression differently. However, with the huge selection and many eyebrow trends, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect shape that best suits our face. Would you rather wear them thick or thin? Heavily arched or would you rather not? So many questions, right? But that’s what we’re here for. To help you find the perfect style to highlight your facial features, below we reveal the most beautiful eyebrow shapes for every face!

The most beautiful eyebrow shapes for heart-shaped faces

eyebrows shapes heriform face which eyebrows by face type

Microblading, eyebrow lamination, bleached brows as a fashion trend, etc – there are now endless ways to style our brows. But like most things in the beauty world, eyebrows are not one-size-fits-all and there are certain eyebrow shapes that suit certain face shapes better. After all, every face is different and there is no ONE perfect shape that suits every woman. The right style makes us look younger and more energetic and sets off our facial features perfectly. Heart-shaped faces follow the general outline of a heart and are characterized by a very narrow and pointed chin.

best eyebrow shapes for heart shaped faces

A great example of heart-shaped face are Hollywood beauties Ruby Rose and Reese Witherspoon. Since the focus of this face shape is already on the eyes and forehead, you’d rather keep things simple. Eyebrow shapes with a soft, slightly rounded bottom suit you best. To make the face appear visually narrower, you can minimally shorten the brows at the end. If you want, you can also opt for bushy eyebrows. However, you should not overdo it – the goal is to achieve the most natural and soft result.

The most beautiful eyebrows for square face

eyebrow shapes for square face Angelina Jolie makeup images

Typical features for square faces are a wide forehead, angular facial contours and a wide lower jaw. Examples of women with square face shapes are Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie and Olivia Wilde.

Olivia Wilde face shape the most beautiful eyebrow shapes for square face

To make the face look longer and balance the edges, you would be best off with round and upward curved eyebrows that sit as high as possible.  Brows that are slightly longer also create balance and balance out the angular chin area. To add depth and drama to the look, color the brows in a bolder, darker shade.

Elongated faces

eyebrow shapes for elongated face beauty trends spring 2022

Elongated face shapes, like supermodel Bela Hadid’s, are characterized by an elongated chin and a high forehead. The cheekbones stand out only slightly in this case. The optimal eyebrow shapes for this face shape should therefore visually shorten the face somewhat. For this, it is best to choose straight brows and avoid a high arch. To make your face appear even wider and to draw attention away from the face length, you can slightly lengthen the eyebrows towards the back with a brow pencil.

Eyebrow shapes for round faces

make face look slimmer tips the best eyebrow shapes for round faces

Women with round faces tend to have wider and rounded cheeks. Stars like Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr and Chrissy Teigen also have this feminine face shape and look simply beautiful. To give your face more structure and make it look narrower, you would be best off with wide eyebrow shapes that are slightly angled at the end. So it’s best to keep the arch sharp and as high as possible, but also make sure to achieve a natural result.

Selena Gomez hairstyles 2022 what eyebrow shape for round face

As for the thickness, the denser the better. Bushy and fuller eyebrows provide a nice contrast and perfectly highlight your facial features. It would also be helpful if you brush the brow hairs upwards with a small brush. To add depth to the look, fill in your brows by starting in the middle at the arch and make them slightly darker than the rest at the end.

Oval faces

best eyebrow shapes oval face natural eye makeup images

Women with oval faces should consider themselves blessed! It’s no secret that this face shape can rock basically any hair and fringe style, and the same goes for brows. You can absolutely wear any eyebrow shapes you feel like.

oval face eyebrow shapes beauty trends spring 2022

Straight, gently arched, thin or thick eyebrows – there are really no rules you should follow. What’s so great about oval faces? People are really into symmetry and this face shape is just that – perfectly balanced. To find the best style that suits you best, let your natural eyebrow shape be your guide.

These are the most beautiful eyebrow shapes

what shapes of eyebrows are there find eyebrow shape by face type

You already know which eyebrows go best with which face shape. Now we would also like to introduce you to the most beautiful eyebrow shapes, which are the most common and many women find really beautiful.

The pointed arch

strongly arched eyebrows makeup trends spring 2022

Dramatic, chic and effective – it’s not for nothing that the pointed arch is one of the most popular eyebrow shapes of all. Here, the eyebrows run as high and pointed as possible, with the ends ending slightly above the brow bone. The style makes for an extremely dramatic yet feminine look.

The soft arch

makeup trends spring 2022 short eyebrows for which face

Eyebrows with a soft arch are characterized by a slight slope and the tip is kept somewhat flat. The result is a very natural look and the eyebrow shape perfectly suits all face shapes.

Eyebrows with S-curve

eyebrow shapes by face type which shapes of eyebrows are there

Eyebrow shapes with an S-curve are ideal for all women who want to achieve a dramatic look. In this case, the shape after the brow head first runs slightly downwards and then draws a strong, eye-catching arc upwards.

Straight eyebrows

Find brow shape according to face shape straight eyebrows are in trend

As the name suggests, straight eyebrow shapes run without a sweep and remain at a consistent height. The style looks especially good on women with square and angular faces.

best eyebrow shapes by face type soften square face