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The best tricks to make your summer tan last longer

Summer is finally here – and with it comes back the long-awaited summer tan. But what can you do to make it last as long as possible? Tikbow reveals the best tips to ensure that your summer complexion lasts beyond your vacation.

Go for moisture

To keep your summer tan as long as possible, you should moisturize your skin. Because: The browning of the skin is a protective mechanism. The sun stresses the skin, which wants to defend itself and flakes – a renewal process of the skin that is slowed down by intensive care. This means: apply plenty of cream and moisturize, preferably with a light moisturizing lotion. Active ingredients such as urea, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and jojoba oil moisturize particularly well. Aloe vera and dexpanthenol also have a soothing effect. When showering, too, make greater use of moisturizing oils and mild, pH-neutral products.

Use after-sun products

Special after-sun products are ideal for caring for sunburned or – in case of sunburn – sun-damaged skin. The products achieve üvia Rücfettung a rehydration of the skin and thus counteract the flaking of the skin – so the summer bräune can be maintained longer. However, after-sun products should not only be used directly after sunbathing, but also for weeks afterwards.

Shower properly

Showering too often, too long or too hot also leads to dry skin, which in turn leads to pigment loss. This means that summer heat is simply showered away. Long, hot showers should now be avoided altogether, preferring short showers at a moderate temperature.

Sunbathe cautiously

Do not lie in the blazing sun, but enjoy a day at the beach under a parasol! Because it has long been proven: In the shade you actually get just as tanned. A little slower, but more lasting and particularly even. Double effect: In the shade, light rays are scattered, so the proportion of harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) is significantly reduced. Although this means a lower risk of sunburn, sunscreen must still be applied.

Apply sunscreen

Similar to sunbathing in the shade, sun protection products with a high SPF also guarantee a gentler burn that lasts longer because the skin does not dry out as much. So rather go for factor 30 or 50 instead of 12 if you want to have something of your sun tint for a long time.

Caution with anti-aging care

Avoid anti-aging products with fruit acids or retinol for the face. Their effect is based on the faster removal of dead skin cells and the formation of new fresh skin. However, this is counterproductive for summer skin. Melanin, which colors the skin brown, is found in the top layer of the skin. This layer would be renewed more quickly by these products, and the tan would disappear more quickly.

Do not use peelings

As with fruit and acid products, which act as a kind of chemical peel, sunbathers should also avoid mechanical peels. The small abrasive particles literally rub off the summer tan. It is better to prepare the skin with regular peels in the spring before tanning so that the pigments can work well in the summer.

With products "afterbräunen"

Opt for after-sun products, moisturizers and facial creams with a self-burning effect. This way you can easily prolong your bronze complexion by a few weeks. The good thing about it: If you are already slightly pre-bronzed, small blemishes or stains from incorrect application of the self-bronzer will not be as noticeable.

The right diet

The skin should now also be moisturized from the inside. This means drinking plenty of fluids, especially water or tea. Green tea contains antioxidants, for example, which protect the skin and thus also its darker complexion. Likewise, healthy food rich in vitamins and fiber helps to improve the quality of the skin, while sugar and too much fat tend to do harm. The carotene contained in carrots stimulates melanin production and thus delays the fact that you quickly become pale again.

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Wear the right colors

Gold, olive green, intense yellow, neon yellow, dark beige and pink actually make the skin appear warmer and baked than it is. White or silver also reinforce this effect.