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The best make-up removal tips from the dermatologist

Cleansing pads, wipes or sponges? With clear water, serum or toner? Opinions differ on the subject of facial cleansing. In fact, different skin types require very different products and approaches. It is important to remove makeup in the first place. A dermatologist gives tips.

Do I always have to remove my makeup in the evening?

Going to bed with makeup on and only touching it up a little in the morning – dermatologist Dr. Uwe Kirschner doesn’t think so: "The skin regenerates at night, and applied makeup impedes cell renewal, so that wrinkles appear more quickly. Even those who do not wear makeup but only apply cream during the day should thoroughly cleanse their face in the evening so that the skin and its protective layer can regenerate. This can lead to inflammation, as bacteria multiply in the pores and unpleasant blackheads and pimples are encouraged, says Kirschner.

Removing make-up prevents premature skin aging and pimples

Ideally, people who wear makeup want to look fresh and healthy. In order to guarantee this, however, makeup should be removed beforehand – who "drüberschmückkt", in order to überdecken the developed skin impurities and in the evening again does not remove makeup, can get according to expert into a vicious circle. Kirschner: "In addition, irritations and dryness as well as a tendency to allergic reactions (contact allergy) can develop. In the long term, the process of premature skin aging is intensified."

How important is it to remove eye makeup?

Especially the eyes should be thoroughly removed before going to bed. The dermatologist knows that the sensitive, thin skin around the eyes is more easily irritated than the rest of the face. Here, pores can become clogged even more quickly, leading to periorbital dermatitis, also known as stewardess acne. Eyelash mascara should also be removed thoroughly, otherwise there is a risk that the fine lashes will break off and fall out;

Make-up removal: Which skin type needs what?

For most skin types cleansing milk is suitable. "Cleansing milk is a mixture of water and oil with additional caring ingredients," says the dermatologist. "Those who tend to have oily skin can also use a cleansing powder – however, it is not suitable for people with dry skin. If you have dry skin, you should also avoid cleansing gels and cleansing foams", says the expert. For those who tend to have extremely dry skin, the doctor recommends a more oily cleanser.

Tips for cleaning the eye area

Dr. Kirschner advises using a special eye makeup remover to cleanse the sensitive eye area. "It is important to rinse the face with water after cleansing and to use a night cream tailored to the skin type for the night", says the dermatologist. A makeup remover is therefore only suitable as an occasional emergency solution – and should at least be a micellar product.