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The best face sprays selected by the editors

Soothing, invigorating, refreshing – this is the effect that facial sprays are supposed to have on the skin. Which waters give us the ultimate freshness kick and glow, we reveal here in our Tikbow Beauty Bag.

Hyaluron Splash by Dr. Grandel

Daniela, editor Tikbow
Das Gesichtsspray Hyaluron Splash by Dr. Grandel (200ml, ca.19,90 Euro) verspricht einen sofortigen Frische-Kick und hat tatsächlich genau diesen Effekt auf mich. Ich sprühe es morgens und zwischendurch am Tag auf mein Gesicht und fühle mich danach viel wacher. Zudem spendet Hyaluron Feuchtigkeit und kurbelt die Faltenauffüllung an. Einziges Manko beim Spray: die enthaltenen Duftstoffe, die bei empfindlicher Haut reizend sein können.

"Thermal water" from Avène

Laura, Editor myHOMEBOOK
On particularly hot, dry summer days, I like to use Avène’s "Thermal Water" (150ml, approx. 8.99 euros). It is not only refreshing and feels pleasantly cool on the skin, it also reduces irritation and helps with sunburn.

"Continuous Settling Mist" by Morphe

Anna-Lena, editor Tikbow
I don’t use a facial spray in the traditional sense, but prefer to use a product that is actually intended for fixing makeup: the Morphe "Continuous Settung Mist" (79.4g, approx.18 euros) to freshen up in between. From the Sprühflasche comes an extremely fine mist, which is just super pleasant on the skin and gives me even in the heat a fresh feeling. But: I find the spray is really only good for a fresh-up, really fixing is not – a good face spray, not the best fixing spray.