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Sweaty chest, green tinge in the hair – 6 summer problems and what helps

Sweat stains on and under the chest, rapidly growing stubble on the legs, thighs that rub painfully against each other – when it comes to beauty and well-being, summer presents us with a number of challenges. Tikbow gives tips against the most common beauty problems in the hot season.

Sweating on and under the chest

Definitely one of the most annoying beauty problems in summer: bosom sweating. Especially women with large breasts sweat at high temperatures on and under the breast. This is not only unpleasant, the moist environment is also a breeding ground for yeast. In addition, eczema can occur, as the skin barrier is disturbed by the loss of moisture. And of course, sweat doesn’t smell very good either and leaves behind annoying stains.

The solution: body powder! The zinc particles contained in body powder can keep the skin dry between the bristles and prevent friction. Odor can be controlled with antibacterial solutions such as Tricolosan or Octenisept.

Beauty problem in summer: itchy skin on the décolleté

Not only sweating on the chest is annoying, but itchy skin on the décolleté is also one of the unpleasant beauty problems in summer. Sometimes it only takes an afternoon on the terrace for the skin to start itching in sun-exposed areas – a classic sun allergy. There are many different diseases that are colloquially referred to as sun allergies. Polymorphous light dermatosis and Majorca acne occur frequently. Symptoms of polymorphous light dermatosis are Rötungen, itching and small knötchen. In Mallorca acne, the shoulders, décolleté, face and arms are often affected. This type of sun allergy resembles acne and results in the formation of unpleasant pimples. Oily sunscreens are the most frequent cause of allergies.

The solution: Of course, a strong allergy should be examined by a doctor. But as a prophylaxis, calcium effervescent tablets can be taken before the upcoming vacation, for example. In addition, skin irritations can also be prevented with the right sunscreen for allergy sufferers. These are often free of grease and perfume. In acute cases, the affected area should be cooled to reduce itching. Curd and aloe vera gels, for example, are suitable for this purpose. Cortisone ointment can also help to soothe the skin. But be careful: Talk to your doctor about the risks beforehand.

Beauty problem in summer: stubble that grows back quickly

In fact, nails and hair (yes, even on the legs) grow faster in summer. Several factors play a role in this: some people eat a fresher and healthier diet than in winter, which means that the lack of nutrients is compensated for. In addition, our blood circulation is better at high temperatures and the body produces more vitamin D due to the UV rays. Our hair also reaches its growth peak in the summer. The reason for this are the high temperatures, through which the skin cells become more active.

The solution: Unfortunately, there is only one solution: shave and cut more closely. If the constant shaving is too strenuous for you, you can have the hairs on your legs professionally removed or simply leave them.

Waterproof make-up that cannot be removed

After a warm day, you don’t even have to go swimming with your makeup on and still look like a panda. Waterproof makeup is a tangible solution here. What this has to do with a beauty problem in summer? Many products are simply far too difficult to remove. Rubbing and rubbing can cause skin irritation and pimples. Eyelashes also suffer and often even break off.

The solution: If you use commercial makeup remover, it is important not to rub the area around the eyelashes, but rather to go over the eye twice more with the cotton pad. An ingenious home remedy is olive oil. It breaks down the waterproof components of the mascara and thus removes them gently. Equally effective is baby shampoo, which is particularly suitable for the sensitive eye area, as it is hypoallergenic and in most cases contains no dyes or fragrances.

Blond hair that turns greenish.

Typical beauty problems in summer also include discolored hair. A green tinge after a vacation is not uncommon, especially for blond hair. The reason: algaecides in the pool contain copper compounds, and the copper ions stain the hair. What is hardly noticeable with dark hair, is particularly noticeable with blond hair. Damaged hair in particular becomes discolored even faster than healthy hair.

The solution: Always rinse your hair thoroughly with water after swimming in the pool. If it is already too late, it helps to dissolve an aspirin tablet in water and leave it on the hair for an hour.

Summer beauty problem: thighs rubbing against each other

Women who like to wear shorts or miniskirts know all too well the feeling of bare thighs constantly rubbing against each other in the summer – a painful beauty problem. Sweat makes the whole thing even worse, chafed and irritated areas are the result.

The solution: baby powder prevents chafing. Sports products that are supposed to prevent blistering are also absorbed into the skin, unlike powder. Shaping underwear provides a remedy here: the compression slims the thighs and the microfibers protect the skin from chafing.