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Soften wrinkles on the neck – the best anti-aging tips.

Anti-aging measures are part of the daily care routine for many people, but are usually limited to the face – the neck area is usually left out. Yet the neck is particularly susceptible to wrinkles. A dermatologist explains the reasons for this and what needs to be taken into account in the care routine.

Why is the neck so wrinkle-prone?

The skin on the neck is extremely thin and sensitive, explains Munich dermatologist Dr. Timm Golüke in an interview with Tikbow. It lacks sebaceous glands that could supply its surface with oil and moisture." Unfortunate: The neck is subjected to a lot of stress on a daily basis, for example it rotates with most everyday movements, and the daily use of smartphones and the like also causes what is known as "Tech Neck": By constantly looking down at the cell phone, the elasticity of the skin decreases in the long term, the expert explains the phenomenon. The neck contour decreases thereby, the possible consequence is a wrinkled neck. In addition, many simply forget the neck in terms of care and sun protection, according to Dr. Golüke.

What can be done to prevent a wrinkled neck?

Dr. Golüke urges that the neck should also be treated with every application of cream. Use products with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluron or antioxidants. "Only by compensating for what the thin skin of the neck naturally lacks can it be best protected against wrinkles and creases", says the expert. This also applies to harmful UV rays. Because if one neglects with the application of the sun cream of the neck, rächt itself sooner or later with pigment Veränderungen, so-called age marks.

To counteract the "Tech Neck", one should use in addition the cell phone from now on on Augenhöhe, "so that the head is straight", so the expert.

Treatment options for a wrinkled neck

Injections with non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid

Für patients with easy creases at the neck recommend Unterspritzungen with Hyaluronsäure. However, it is important to note that non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid must be used, explains the expert. It is prepared in such a way that it gently inserts itself into the small wrinkles.
Cost: about 300 euros per injection. Two injections are necessary at intervals of about three weeks, the effect lasts for about half a year.

Autologous blood therapy against a wrinkled neck (PRP)

In the doctor’s office, about 20 milliliters of the patient’s own blood are taken, centrifuged and then mixed with hyaluronic acid as plasma in a tube. The solution is then delivered in constant quantities to the affected areas via a so-called mesopistol in order to stimulate collagen production in the skin cells.
Cost: about 350 euros per session, initially two are necessary. "However, this must be repeated at certain intervals", explains Dr. Golüke.

Skin Tightening for neck wrinkles

This treatment method tightens the neck with the help of microfocused ultrasound. The ultrasound heats up the collagen, which causes it to reform," explains Dr. Golüke. This provides a discreet tightening of the chin and neck area.
Costs: from 400 euros upwards. The effect lasts two to three years, because the treatment turns back the clock, so to speak,” says the dermatologist.

Botox with wrinkled neck

Botox can alleviate wrinkles on the neck, but this does not apply to everyone: "Patients with well-developed neck muscles have the best chances of an optical improvement", Dr. Golüke knows. The reason: the neurotoxin botulinum toxin is injected into the muscle. But if there is only flaccid tissue, it fades more quickly.
Cost: about 200 euros per injection. The result lasts for about half a year.

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IPL against neck wrinkles

Dr. Golüke can eliminate discolorations caused by burst äderches or dark pigment spots using the IPL laser method . A special IPL device is used to laser light of different wavelengths onto the skin, which lightens the more pigmented areas that are visible as spots to such an extent that they disappear visually. In addition, it also stimulates the formation of new collagen.
Costs: about 200 euros per session, two to three sessions are necessary in a "sunny season", advises Dr. Golüke. The result lasts permanently.