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Small pimples on the buttocks – what helps against “buttne”?

“Buttne” – what sounds so gentle can be quite disturbing for affected women. We are talking about small pimples that can appear on and around the buttocks. Why they appear there of all places and how they can best be treated or even avoided altogether – Tikbow asked a dermatologist.

Pimples are not only damn annoying, they can also lead to inflammation and unsightly scars. When pimples spread on the buttocks, they are called "buttne" – a term composed of "butt", the English word for butt, and "acne" or acne. "Some women are more prone to acne and blemishes than others. They often have elevated testosterone levels,"explains Alice Martin, M.D., dermatologist and co-founder of telepractice dermanostic. The male sex hormone testosterone stimulates sebum production, the excess can clog the glands, resulting in pimples. When they appear on the buttocks, they are not called acne, but folliculitis. This refers to pimples around the hair follicles, so-called folliculitis, " specifies the dermatologist. Theoretically, these folliculitides can occur anywhere, but in the area of the buttocks it can also be caused by strong friction. To prevent pimples on the buttocks, it can therefore be helpful to give the buttocks some air by wearing loose-fitting clothing from time to time.

Peeling for the buttocks

Dr. Alice Martin has yet another tip for preventing butt problems in the first place: "Use peelings regularly and then care for the skin with a lotion tailored to your skin type." A peeling can also help if a cornification disorder is present. "This means that the sebaceous glands do not empty properly. Peeling öopens them up again", explains the dermatologist.

Shaving and waxing both help "buttne"

Pimples on the buttocks are also caused by shaving, which is often underestimated,” says Dr. Alice Martin. The hair roots are irritated by the procedure and can become inflamed. "Even after waxing, such inflammation can occur", warns the dermatologist. "Honestly, it would be best to do nothing at all and let the hair grow – even if that is difficult for many. "

Pimples on the buttocks – when should I go to the doctor?

Sometimes it just takes a little patience, and the pimples on your butt will go away all by themselves. But if the pimples turn into large abscesses, the dermatologist should be consulted, advises Dr. Alice Martin. Then the areas must be urgently disinfected, help can Ölschiefer – the pull ointments with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.