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Slugging skin care: what’s behind the new beauty trend?

Beautiful, healthy and radiant skin – who doesn’t wish for that? But especially during the cold winter months, this is no easy task – the low temperatures and strong winds make the skin sallow and dry, so it’s important to adjust our skincare routine accordingly. If you’re a beauty lover like us, you know how crazy you can get when a new beauty trend or any products become popular. We have to try these out right away, right? Korean facial care has already proven to be super effective and face toner, for example, has now become a staple in many people’s daily routine. But have you heard of slugging skin care? This is another Korean trend that became popular via the social platform TikTok and has been THE topic of conversation in the beauty world for the past few weeks. Instead of using even more expensive creams and masks, slugging is supposed to be a real wonder weapon exactly against dry skin in winter. What exactly is behind it and how it works, we reveal to you in the following!

Gesichtspflege Winter Hausmittel was ist Slugging Hautpflege

Especially in the skin care category, we keep coming across new products and countless tips and tricks that should make our skin glow in no time. When it comes to the latest trends, TikTok has become the latest source of inspiration for about a year now. Does your face look super dry and bland no matter what you do and how much money you invest in your beauty routine? Then the Korean trend slugging could be the solution to all your problems! More and more influencers and celebrities are already sharing their positive testimonials and are firmly convinced of the beauty trend’s effects.

What is slugging?

Gesichtspflege Tipps für trockene Haut Slugging Hautpflege

The term slugging is derived from the English word “slug”, which means snail in German. But don’t worry – you won’t need slug slime for this tip. Slugging skin care uses only one product that you most likely already have at home, and that’s petroleum jelly. After you’re done with your usual evening routine, all you need to do is apply a thick layer of Vaseline and go straight to bed. To avoid any stains on the pillow, we would recommend you to put a towel on it.

Slugging Hautpflege Vorteile trockene Haut im Winter pflegen

If you suffer from very dry skin in winter, you can benefit from slugging skin care. The idea behind this is to create a barrier that locks in moisture. This, in turn, ensures that the products you use work better and longer, and your skin should look much fresher and shinier in the morning. How often you want to use slugging is up to you, but according to experts, once or twice a week is quite enough.

was ist Slugging Vaseline für die Haut

Vaseline is highly regarded in the beauty world mainly for its occlusive properties. Or to put it more simply – it forms a kind of protective coating on the already cleansed skin, which means that the ingredients of the products are better absorbed and the skin remains protected from external influences such as wind, cold and dry heating air. Research has shown that petroleum jelly can strengthen the skin barrier within minutes, and because of its greasy texture, it also sticks well overnight. However, slugging skin care should be done in moderation, especially if you have used chemical peels or products with retinol for the skin. It could increase the penetration of the acids in them and possibly cause irritation and redness. You should also make sure that your face is properly clean. Otherwise, after applying petroleum jelly, all the bacteria and dirt will be trapped, which can lead to acne breakouts or eczema.

Who is Slugging skin care suitable for?

Haut im Winter pflegen Hausmittel Slugging Hautpflege was ist das

Slugging skin care is especially helpful for women who have dry or combination skin that often feels tired and dull. But even if you have normal skin, you can make your face shine by simply applying it to individual areas that could use a little moisture boost. However, if you’re prone to acne and blemishes or have oily skin, then unfortunately, you should stay away from slugging. As mentioned earlier, Vaseline can trap bacteria under the oily layer in addition to moisture, and in this case the occlusion effect would be rather counterproductive. By doing so, you will only make it harder for already inflamed and clogged pores, and after all, that’s not what we want. Many women avoid petroleum jelly because they think it can clog skin pores. However, this is totally wrong because the ointments contain neither oils nor ceramides and are therefore non-comedogenic.

was ist Slugging Hautpflege trockene Haut im Winter pflegen Hausmittel