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Serum for the face – 4 products that convince us

Compared to a day cream, a serum is formulated in a highly concentrated way and is absorbed deep into the skin layer without replenishing. It is best to pat it lightly into the cleansed, not yet creamed skin. There are four products we can particularly – and personally – recommend.

"Hyaluronic Power Serum" by "One two free!"

Beatrix Böhm, Lead Editor Tikbow:
I use for some time the "Hyaluronic Power Serum" of "One two free!" (30ml/ca. 23 Euro) – not always, but always öfter! Generally, I have a poor compliance in terms of extra cosmetics, a day cream is usually enough for me völlig. At the same time, however, I am aware that my 40-something skin needs more, and that’s where the serum comes in: it feels extremely fresh on the skin after cleansing, is absorbed quickly and leaves no feeling of tightness. And maybe it even slows down wrinkles – I just have to be really firm about it.

Professional Hyaluronsäure Face Serum" by Nivea

Sabrina Keskowski, Product & Business Manager Tikbow:
A few years ago, I enjoyed a nice facial treatment at the Nivea House. During the treatment, the "Nivea Professional Hyaluronsäure Face Serum" (50ml/approx. 28 euros) was used. Since then, I am almost süchtig after the product. It absorbs incredibly quickly, provides my skin with the necessary moisture and smells pleasant. I often prefer the serum to any day cream as well.

"Advanced Night Repair" by Estée Lauder.

Daniela Garrasi, Editorial Director Tikbow:
After cleansing my face in the evening, I dab on a drop or two";Advanced Night Repair" by Estée Lauder. (20ml/ca. 41 Euro) in die Haut ein. Die Wirkung des Gesichtsserums soll festigend, feuchtigkeitsspendend, strahlend und anti-aging sein. Das kann ich alles bestätigen, einzig der Anti-Aging-Effekt lässt noch auf sich warten, aber wäre ja auch zu schön gewesen.

"Lift + Botology" by Diadermine.

Angelika Pickardt, Editor TRAVELBOOK:
I became aware of the "Lift + Botology" facial care series from Diadermine some time ago through an advertisement. The promises to counteract expression lines completely without injections. The products contain plant-based active ingredients such as paracress, green tea, fermented black tea and hyaluron from soy. I was particularly convinced by the serum, which I always apply in the morning. Since then, I no longer need a day cream, because it provides my skin with sufficient moisture without being greasy. I can’t say whether the application actually smoothes expression lines, but my skin feels firm and well cared for. I was also convinced by the price: 40 ml cost around 10 euros.