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Repair skin and hair after summer vacation

As beautiful as summer vacations are, summer is a burden for skin and hair. Because: heat, UV light, salt and chlorinated water remove a lot of moisture from our body, which then becomes noticeable in small wrinkles or broken hair ends. Tikbow shows how you can easily repair small summer damages in five steps.

Repair skin in five steps

1. clean skin

Be sure to switch to milder products as soon as you return from your hot summer vacation and the weather gets cooler – your skin will thank you. Too strong cleansing gels only stimulate sebum production even more, making the skin oily and more susceptible to impurities.

2. exfoliate skin

When the summer heat slowly disappears, the skin begins to flake. To remove the dry layer of skin, a gentle peeling is recommended, this lets the complexion shine again youthful-fresh.

3. repair skin

Lightening serums make small pigment spots or unwanted sprouts on the skin slowly disappear. Applied daily in the evening for at least two weeks, the most noticeable blemishes should fade. If the affected areas are still very visible after a few weeks, fruit peels or laser treatments at the dermatologist can help.

4. care for skin

The skin needs an extra portion of moisture after the summer. If it is sufficiently supplied with moisture, the normal renewal process works much better. Ideal are products with aloe vera, vitamins A and E – especially the latter two are used up disproportionately during intensive sun exposure. Masks or ampoule treatments provide extra freshness, as the skin loses its elasticity, especially in summer.

5. protect skin even after summer vacation

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen. Continue to use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection with at least SPF 15 (if you are not outdoors much) and 30 (if you are still outdoors a lot in late summer).

Repair hair in five steps

1. wash hair

The following definitely applies here: less is more. The hair is already very dry and the natural repair mechanisms of the scalp work better if you do not wash your hair every day. Use shampoos with nourishing additives such as aloe vera or jojoba oil.

2. hair nähren

Hair requires intensive care. At least once a week you can now apply a hair mask, which you should leave on for at least 15 minutes. The effect is enhanced when it is warm – for example, wrap cling film and then a towel around the head.

3. cut hair

With very broken ends, unfortunately, only one thing helps: the barber scissors. A new haircut always makes the hair look more voluminous and healthy. In addition, the hair then does not break off more and more, split ends can not move further up the hair shaft.

4. renew hair color

Dull, dull hair needs not only sufficient care but also a new color. Natural colorations act like a protective shield around the hair and make it look stronger. Henna is ideal for this. And don’t be afraid of too intense a red: there is colorless henna that acts like a shine booster.

5. further protect hair

UV protection is also recommended for hair all year round, but especially in late summer. Ideally, apply before shampooing – only then are all repair measures effective for a long time.