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Remove wrinkles under the eyes: combine the right makeup and skin care for great results

While smile lines add character to a face, wrinkles under the eyes can make your face look tired or old. However, a good facial care routine can take away under-eye wrinkles to make your face look young. Establish a daily routine for applying makeup and skin care products, and change your lifestyle habits to keep the skin under your eyes smooth and radiant. With the right habits, you can divert attention away from eye wrinkles and keep your face healthy!

Method 1: Remove wrinkles under the eyes with the right make-up

Create a daily skin care routine to keep the skin under your eyes smooth

In this way, you can properly and effectively make up your eye wrinkles:

Choose a silicone-based primer

Silicone-based primers are great for concealing wrinkles and creating a smoother surface when you apply the rest of your makeup. Using your hands or a small brush, apply a small amount of primer under each eye. Rub the primer into your skin, focusing on areas with visible wrinkles.

Note: A pea-sized amount of primer is usually enough for both eyes. Too large an amount can cause your foundation to clump. Let the foundation dry for a few minutes before applying the rest of your makeup.

Make up wrinkles under the eyes with cream concealer

Cover wrinkles with concealer – here’s how: a reflective concealer stick or cream applied directly under the eyes can do a good job of concealing bags and wrinkles. Buy a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply a pea-sized amount directly under your eyelids. Blend the concealer around the edges for a smooth, natural look.

Note: Avoid rubbing the cream under your eyes to prevent irritation. Instead, gently dab it under each eye with a makeup sponge.

Apply your foundation only lightly

Although it may seem like applying more foundation will conceal your wrinkles, too much of it can make them even more noticeable. Apply a light coverage foundation that matches your skin tone to the center of your forehead, under your eyes, on the tip of your nose, and on your chin. Using a damp sponge, spread the foundation all over your face, especially under your eyes, to soften the overall look.

Tip: Makeup brushes tend to apply foundation too thickly or too firmly.

Take away wrinkles under the eyes – Avoid powder-based makeup.

How to properly and effectively make up your under eye wrinkles

Powder based foundation and blush tend to settle and highlight in the creases under your eyes. Avoid applying powder to the eye area or to areas with a lot of creases. Instead, use liquid or cream makeup, which is smoother and conceals wrinkles better.

Emphasize your eyes with mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow

Shift attention from your drooping eyelids to your eyes. Apply a dark black eyeliner and mascara to your upper eyelids to draw attention away from your under-eye creases. Complete the look with a smoky matte eyeshadow to highlight your eyes and minimize your wrinkles.

Tip: Avoid liquid eyeliner or shimmery eyeshadow, both of which can accentuate wrinkles.

Remove your makeup carefully so as not to aggravate your wrinkles

When removing your eye makeup, gently rub your skin and lashes up and down with a makeup remover wipe. Avoid tugging on your eyelids or forcibly removing your makeup to keep your eye wrinkles minimal.

Tip: Instead of a cloth, you can also use a makeup remover cream. Apply a thick layer of makeup remover cream to your skin, let it sit for a few minutes, and then gently rub it off with a warm washcloth.

Note: Check the ingredients of your makeup remover wipes before you use them. Stay away from alcohol-based wipes, as they can dry out and age the skin.

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Method 2: Make up away wrinkles under the eyes with skin care products.

Make up away wrinkles under your eyes - Combine the right makeup and skin care for great results

You can reduce wrinkles around the eyes with the right skin care products. Follow these tips!

Apply a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid once a day

By moisturizing the skin under your eyes, you can keep it from drying out and lighten hard lines. Before you apply makeup, dab the moisturizer under both of your eyes and rub it into your eyes in a circular motion. Moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid are ideal because they are the most effective at drawing water into your skin and keeping it plump.

Use a retinol-based skin cream.

Retinol-based creams increase your skin’s collagen production, which can minimize wrinkles. Apply a retinol cream to your eyelids daily after moisturizing your face, and use as directed to maximize results.

Tip: Apply a maximum of 1 or 2 eye creams. Too many eye creams can irritate your skin, ultimately making aging more noticeable.

Apply sunscreen every day

Sunlight can age your skin and deepen your wrinkles over time, and retinol-based skin creams can make your skin sensitive to UV light. Apply sunscreen to your skin before you put on makeup, for at least 15 minutes before you go outside, and reapply every 2 hours for as long as you’re in direct sunlight.

Tip: Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher.

Exfoliate your skin once a week

Exfoliating can remove dead skin from your face and keep it young and glowing. Apply the scrub to a washcloth or exfoliator and rub it into your skin in a circular motion. Rinse your face with warm water and then pat dry with a towel. Choose a scrub that suits your skin type. Mild exfoliants can be helpful for dry skin, while people with oily skin may need a stronger exfoliant.

Tip: Exfoliating your skin too often can dry it out. It is enough if you do it once a week.

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