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Remove witch hairs with IPL: How facial hair removal works & if it is permanent

Whether you are already the happy owner of your own home IPL device, are considering buying one, or would like to be treated professionally – questions are sure to come up from time to time about the various areas of the body and especially for the less typical ones. How to laser away hair on the legs, arms, underarms, intimate area and facial hair on the upper lip is usually written in the product description. But can you also remove witch hairs with IPL and should you pay attention to something there?

Remove witch hairs with IPL – What is the laser?

Remove witch hairs with IPL or laser - tips for the right treatment

IPL is the abbreviation for "Intense Pulsed Light", i.e. intense, pulsating light. It is directed through the color pigments of the hair to the roots, where it is converted into heat, which in turn desolates them. You can also laser witch hairs in this way. But if you think that with IPL the hair is gone forever, you are sadly mistaken. However, regrowth is significantly slowed down and re-shaving, regular epilating or frequent waxing is no longer necessary. So you will probably still need to pluck after the IPL treatment, just much less frequently, due to the slowed regrowth.

Remove witch hairs with IPL permanently or with classic tweezers

How much the time periods change depends on individual factors such as the personal growth of the hair and the brightness of the hair. However, as a rule, it can be assumed that the first results will be seen after three-four applications. Since only the growth of those hairs that are in the growth phase during the treatment is slowed down, several treatments are also necessary until the desired effects are seen. Depending on whether you do the treatment yourself or in a studio/at a dermatologist, treatments are necessary every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks at the beginning. These are then reduced to four to twelve weeks. A professional treatment promises permanent results for the lady’s beard on the chin and if you want to remove witch hairs after about five to six treatments, i.e. after about 40 weeks.

Women and witch hairs – cause of the unwanted facial hair

Removing witch hairs with IPL - What the beauty treatment can do for you

Until recently you didn’t have to worry about it, and suddenly they are there, those annoying witch hairs on the face, especially on the chin and sometimes on the forehead. The reason is mostly hormonal changes, that is when the estrogen level changes. Just the lack of the female hormone leads to an excess of testosterone and this in turn promotes hair growth on the face.

Remove witch hairs with IPL – What should you pay attention to?

Permanent hair removal with IPL do it yourself or professionally.

Plucking the annoying hair is one thing, but if you want to remove the witch hairs permanently, IPL is best. Whether you can do this at home depends mainly on whether the hair on your face is growing from a mole. In case of a mole with hair or a wart with hair, either use classic tweezers. Be especially careful when removing them to avoid skin irritation. Or you can have the witch hairs removed with IPL by an expert or after consultation with a dermatologist.

You can also have such moles surgically removed by a dermatologist, so that you can then perform the desired laser treatments.

Laser treatment of facial hair - what you should keep in mind

If you laser yourself the witch hairs on your chin or anywhere else on your face, be sure to use the attachment designed for this purpose and do not use a setting that is too high. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the hair growth on the face is close to the eyes, leave it alone and consider professional hair removal or tweezing.

What are the causes of hair on the chin - hormonal changes.

Before you laser the hair away, whether in the studio or whether you do the hair removal with IPL yourself, also make sure:

  • That you do not have sunburn. If the skin is already inflamed, laser treatment is taboo. You should avoid exposure to direct sunlight at all before the treatment. All this can make the treatment more painful and even cause crusting.
  • It is mentioned in the description of the IPL device, but we still point it out again: You should shave the hair before the treatment – at least a few days before. This also applies to a professional treatment to remove the witch hairs on your face. It is not compulsory, but improves the process, because the light pulses have such a shorter path to the root and are therefore more effective.

Remove witch hairs with IPL – Is it painful?

Cosmetic treatment of women's beard and hairs with light therapy

If you take into account and follow the precautions described above, you can usually remove witch hairs with IPL completely without pain. You only feel a certain warmth with each pulse. In addition, the device is adjusted to the natural skin tone, which also regulates the heat intensity. Especially home devices can possibly cause the feeling of a slight sting. However, with the right settings, this is also not painful.

Removing witch hairs with IPL - laser hair removal on forehead or chin

BUT: Ladies with very light hair or dark skin sometimes report a little more pain during professional treatments. In this case, salons apply numbing creams. Very sensitive skin may also experience temporary swelling after treatment. However, home devices use a lower light intensity.

Important. In some cases, discoloration, blistering, redness and temporary or permanent scars may occur. To avoid this, always consult with a dermatologist beforehand. Request protective eyewear at the salon, do not look directly at the light during treatment at home, and avoid application in the eye areas.

Hair removal with IPL or laser

Removing witch hairs with IPL at home, at the dermatologist or in a beauty salon

For home use, the only option available to you is to use IPL if you want to remove witch hairs. In the salon, on the other hand, you are spoiled for choice. The laser works more selectively. The light beam focuses exclusively on the hair follicle, which contributes to faster progress when you remove hair with laser. With IPL, the light is dispersed and also lands on the surrounding areas. However, the main factors that determine the effectiveness are: energy, frequency and hair color. The darker the hair and lighter the skin, the better the results.

Reliably get rid of chin hair in women with laser treatment