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Questionable ingredients! 4 solid soaps fail the “Ökotest” test

Soap in both liquid and solid form has played a crucial role in our hygiene routine not only since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. But are they really all unreservedly recommendable? “Ökotest” tested 40 soaps for their ingredients – not all performed satisfactorily.

The good news at the outset: 16 of the solid soaps tested received the top rating of very good, including natural cosmetics products from Rossmann and Dm. 13 soaps were rated good, while five were rated satisfactory. " In total, among the 40 tested products were zwölf natural cosmetic soaps, the costs ranged according to the "Ökotest"-report between 0.23 and 8.90 euros per 100 grams.

"Ökotest" checks solid soaps

"Solid soapn basieren auf Neutralfetten wie Palmöl oder Rindertalg, die durch Zusatz von Lauge zu Seifenmolekülen reagieren. Diese sind dann in der Lage, fettigen Schmutz an Wasser zu binden. Seifen besitzen außerdem in der Regel einen basischen pH-Wert zwischen 8 und 11", heißt es im Bericht. Die Tester untersuchten die Produkte im Labor auf bedenkliche Inhaltsstoffe, darunter Lilial und künstlich erzeugte Moschusdüfte wie Galaxolid.

Four soaps rattled through the test and could not überzeugen: With "poor" cut the "Dudu-Osun Black Soap Classic", a "ungenügend" received the "Kappus Pink Rose transparent plantö lseife", the "Nesti Dante Emozioni in Toscana Natural Soap" and the "Naturals Moisture Care Olive & Milk Soap" from Palmolive.

Solid soap
Solid soapn können eine günstige und nachhaltige Alternative zu Flüssigseifen sein Photo: iStock/shironagasukujira

Supplier has already drawn consequences

Particularly problematic is "the discovery of Lilial and artificial musk scent in the Dudu-Osun Black Soap Classic", it says in the test report. The reason: The solid soap is certified as natural cosmetics – the two synthetically produced substances are not approved for this purpose. "Ökotest" confronted the manufacturer of the soap produced in Nigeria according to traditional methods with the test results, the consequence: "The supplier will now, according to its own information, have its raw materials tested and no longer deliver Dudu-Osun classic for the time being."