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Push back or cut? Remove cuticles correctly

It is quickly forgotten, but a perfect manicure also includes care of the cuticles. But how do you remove them properly? Cut it off or just push it back? Tikbow knows the answer.

What is cuticle good for?

Dry, cracked cuticles not only look unattractive, in the worst case they can even lead to painful infections. After all, its job is to protect the root of the nail. But simply cutting off the skin is not the best solution. Since the skin around the nail bed is very sensitive, it is best not to use sharp scissors – the risk of injury is too great. It is therefore better to simply push the cuticle back.

How to gently remove cuticles

1st step: Soak cuticles

Before pushing back, the cuticle should first be softened. Special cuticle removers, available as gels or sticks, contain softening and nourishing components such as almond, jojoba or allantoin. A hand bath in lukewarm water also helps to soften the cuticles and thus gently prepare them for pushing back.

Step 2: Push back the skin

Then carefully push the cuticle back with a rosewood stick. If you are preparing the nails for gel modeling, it is best to get a ProPusher. This metal cuticle pusher removes even the thin, almost invisible skin on the nail. So hält the nail polish particularly long. If you still have cuticles that stick out and want to remove them, you should use cuticle nippers and carefully clip off the skin. Do not pluck or pull too hard, otherwise the skin may tear. The result: painful inflammation and even ingrown skin.

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3rd step: Apply cream

Regardless of whether a nail oil or cream is used, the skin on the nails is just as happy to receive a portion of care as the skin on the face. Oil or cream can be applied generously and should be massaged into the skin for a few minutes. If you keep your cuticles soft and well cared for, you can save yourself an expensive visit to the manicurist.