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PRP treatment – what brings the bloody vampire lifting?

Looking younger thanks to treatment with your own blood – sounds scary, but celebrities like Kate Beckinsale or Kim Kardashian swear by the so-called “vampire lifting”. But what exactly is behind the treatment? And what are the risks? Tikbow talked to experts about the bloody beauty trend.

What happens during a PRP treatment?

PRP treatment is not new – in the USA, the method has been practiced since 1998. In addition to Kim Kardashian, who posted selfies of a treatment back in 2013, actress Kate Beckinsale has now also come out as a follower of the vampire lift.

The principle of the PRP method, short for Platelet Rich Plasma, is simple. For the treatment, approximately 20 milliliters of blood are drawn from the vein. After processing in a centrifuge, a golden-yellow serum remains, which contains the platelets and growth hormones that are crucial for the treatment. This body-own "miracle juice" is then injected with a 0.4 millimeter long needle under the skin, which is then additionally worked with a roller (dermaroller) equipped with small needles, which provides for –numerous microscopic tiny punctures – the reason for the creepy-looking photo moments of the treated.

How painful is the PRP method?

It sounds extremely painful, "but it’s not", assures Berlin ästhetic physician Dr. Michael R. Schmidt-Kulbe. "The skin is rubbed beforehand with a numbing ointment, so that you hardly feel anything.  However, it must bleed, because only then can the substances penetrate deeply enough to achieve the necessary effect." After 20 seconds, the "blood rush" is over, according to the expert.

Vampire lifting – effect and costs

"Already after a few days, the skin shows visibly more elastic, thicker, fresher and smoother than before the treatment. And the effect lasts for months, says Schmidt-Kulbe. How does it work? The plasma stimulates skin tissue renewal, ensures that fresh elastin and collagen are produced and forms new connective tissue without any foreign substances. According to the expert, the method is so effective that it is sufficient to undergo it only once a year.

However, he recommends the treatment only for women and men from the mid-30s: "In younger people, the skin is usually still so tight and radiant, it’s just money grubbing." In fact, the treatment is not quite cheap with a price starting at 400 euros.

This is why the treatment outstrips Botox.

Kate Beckinsale is not the only one who prefers PRP treatment to Botox. Because: The "Platelet Rich Plasma"-method is largely "öko", it comes only that under the skin, which the Köper produced itself. Therefore, allergic reactions or other unwanted effects are virtually excluded, and the treatment is suitable for all skin types. "In the eight years that I have been working with it, not a single bad side effect has occurred in my patients. The method is – if properly – carried out – actually as good as risk-free", explains Schmidt-Kulbe. More and more former Botox advocates would now opt for this treatment, as there is no threat of a rigid mask look.

Is vampire lifting the ultimate anti-aging method?

So is the vampire lift a miracle weapon in terms of beauty? We get a second opinion and ask the Munich dermatologist Dr. Timm Golüke. With PRP therapy, good results can indeed be achieved,” says the physician, confirming the statements of his colleague. Of course, a deep frown line cannot be made to disappear, but the advantages are obvious and it is rightly becoming more and more popular. Golke has also been offering Vampire Liftig in his practice for some time now, although he is less pleased with the correct term.