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Problematic skin & care in summer: helpful tips for a radiant face!

All year long, we can’t wait for the warm summer months and as soon as the sun shines, everyone’s mood instantly improves! Most people look forward to the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather. While sunlight is known to have positive effects and promote vitamin D production in the body, it can also take a toll on our skin. UV rays, sweat, large pores, pigmentation spots and small pimples – during the hot season, our skin is exposed to daily challenges. To help us avoid skin blemishes, it often makes sense to change up our skin care routine. Do you have problematic skin and don’t know what your skin care routine should look like in the summer? Then you’ve come to the right place! In today’s article, we’ve compiled the best skin care tips you should follow for a radiant and healthy facial appearance!

The right facial cleansing for problematic skin & care in summer.

welche Gesichtscreme bei Akne verwenden problematische Haut Pflege im Sommer

Impure and problematic skin can be easily recognized by the large-pored, oily shiny and rather poorly perfused skin appearance. The complexion looks uneven and can show pimples and blackheads, especially in the hot summer months. For this reason, thorough and mild cleansing is an absolute must in summer. To avoid putting too much stress on your skin, it is better to use a gentle and foaming water-based cleanser when it is hot and humid. Cleansing waters with plant-based ingredients or products containing salicylic acid have a particularly soothing effect. For example, hypoallergenic products from Clinique would be optimal for deep cleansing the skin and removing any makeup and dirt residue. Clinique is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands for daily skin care, offering the right skin care products for every skin type and age.

wie Pickel und Akne behandeln problematische Haut und Pflege im Sommer

Especially beneficial for the care of problematic skin in the summer is the so-called “Double Cleanse”. In the first step, make-up is removed and in the second step the skin is completely freed from excess sebum and dirt particles. To give you a summer complexion, you can use a gentle peeling 1 to 2 times a week. When the dead skin cells are removed, the sunlight can tan the skin more evenly. However, you should rather avoid mechanical peels for this purpose and rely on gentle enzyme peels instead.

Use light textures and creams

Gesichtspflege Routine bei Pickeln problematische Haut Pflege im Sommer

Since problematic skin produces more oil in summer, using the same rich creams as in winter can clog pores and trigger pimples and acne. Even when the weather is humid and hot, you need to keep your skin abundantly moisturized – even if it feels oily and greasy. Light moisturizers with green tea or antibacterial ingredients like zinc are ideal for those who struggle with blemished skin in the heat. The gentle gel textures feel incredibly refreshing and also spread very well on the facial skin. You can replace the intensive night cream with a light and nourishing face serum. Cloth masks also feel great, especially in the warmer months, and provide an extra freshness boost on warm days.

Problematic skin & care in summer: use products with integrated sun protection factor

Gesichtspflegeprodukte mit Lichtschutzfaktor problematische Haut und Pflege im Sommer

To avoid possible pigmentation marks and sunburn, adequate sun protection is simply essential during the hot season. But to avoid burdening your problematic skin with an extra layer of cream in summer, choose a day cream that already contains a sun protection factor. A day cream with an SPF of 30 is perfectly adequate for everyday use, and products with an SPF of 50 are best suited for the beach. Again, we recommend reaching for lighter textures, as a cream that is too greasy can clog pores, leading to inflammation and pimples.

Which make-up is suitable for summer?

Problematische Haut und Pflege im Sommer wie Akne und Pickel behandeln

Most women feel more comfortable with makeup on and can hardly imagine leaving the house without it. However, especially in the hot summer months when we sweat significantly more, dirt builds up underneath the makeup and the result is clogged pores and unsightly pimples. Especially if you have problematic skin, you should give it a little break from makeup and ideally do without makeup completely for a few days a week. But that would not be an option for you? Then go for a subtle and natural makeup and use a light and oil-free foundation for it. A tinted day care or a light face powder can also conceal impurities, but they feel much lighter than a foundation.

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