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Olive oil for beauty and a long life – what’s really in it?

Those who consume olive oil regularly live healthier lives. The essence is also said to nourish the skin and protect it from sunburn when used internally and externally thanks to its sun protection factor. But are these assumptions true? What is really true? Tikbow has asked various experts.

In countries such as France, Italy and Greece, olive oil is not only produced but also consumed in abundance. And according to various reports, this is one of the reasons why people in these regions are said to live longer. A spokeswoman for the German Society for Nutrition (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V.) confirms to Tikbow: "Olive oil is an essential component of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered to be beneficial to health. Studies show that olive oil is good for the heart and can have both anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive effects, although only to a moderate extent.

Olive oil can help with dry hoppy skin

The essence is also suitable for hair care in certain cases. But beware: "If you have a tendency to oily scalp or greasy dandruff, you should literally not pour Öl on top of it", warns Dr. Alice Martin, dermatologist and co-founder of the Dermanostic telepractice. In the case of dry scalps, for example due to excessive washing, or dry dandruff, an olive oil treatment can do a lot of good. However, the dermatologist advises not to use pure olive oil, but to have a preparation mixed at the pharmacy that is not quite so greasy and gives the skin room to breathe.

Is olive oil also suitable for skin care?

Dr. Alice Martin also advises against using pure olive oil, especially on the face. Olive oil is comedogenic, which means that it seals the skin,” explains the doctor. "Bacteria are trapped under the protective film and clog the pores. This leads to blackheads and blemishes." But there is one exception: "People who have a skin barrier defect, such as atopic dermatitis, can try olive"l, says Dr. Martin. "Their skin cannot retain moisture well and is therefore always very dry. Those who have a severe episode can rub oliveöl into the affected areas on a trial basis." The important thing is to always use high-quality öl.

Does olive oil really protect against sunburn?

Olive oil actually contains a sun protection factor. However, it is very low and is around 7.5,” says Dr. Alice Martin. The sun protection factor extends the self-protection time, which in turn is based on the skin type. "A distinction is usually made between six skin types. Skin type 1 is blond, blue-eyed, fair-skinned and gets sunburned after just three to five minutes,” explains the dermatologist. If I apply olive oil, this time is extended by a factor of 7.5, i.e. by about 20 minutes." Sounds good, but there is a serious problem, as the doctor emphasizes: "Olive oil is an oil and is automatically heated by heat – we know this from frying in a pan. This means that skin treated with olive oil tends to burn more quickly when the sun shines on it.

In addition, the skin under the öl layer can breathe poorly, which can lead to irritation." At the same time, the örztin urgently advises against relying solely on consumption for adequate sun protection from the inside. "In addition, sufficient sunscreen should always be applied. Only this safely prevents sunburn," says Dr. Martin.