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Nourishing lip oil as a trend in beauty: what exactly is behind it and how you can make it yourself

You probably already know hair and face oils, but for spring and summer 2022, lip oils are the new rage. They are a blend of nourishing lip balm and luxurious clear lip gloss, and contain skin-nourishing oils that provide long-lasting moisture to the lips. Nourishing lip oil is a beauty product that you apply to your lips to moisturize them and give them a glossy finish. You can find lip oils at the drugstore or cosmetic store, or you can make them yourself at home using natural ingredients. We’ll explain what exactly lip oil is below.

What is a nourishing lip oil?

Nourishing lip oil - beauty trend spring and summer 2022

With the constant low temperatures, the colder months can severely dry out our skin, especially our lips. Unfortunately, regular products like lip balm just aren’t enough to take care of them. Instead of constantly reapplying lip balm, reach for a lip oil that will nourish and soften chapped lips while giving them a great shine. The best oils intensely moisturize your lips for a healthy, well-groomed look. That’s why they are a must-have in spring 2022 beauty .

The consistency of lip oil is between a balm and a gloss. The beauty product can be used specifically to moisturize the skin or have a pigment added to give color to the lips.

Advantages of the beauty trend

Oil for lips - what exactly it is and benefits

Just as skin oils increase the moisture content of the skin and make it plumper, lip oils do the same. Natural oils repair lips as they wear and give them a glossy finish. Unlike the rest of our epidermis, lips do not have oil glands. By applying the oil, you create a barrier against outside elements like the sun, spicy foods, cold weather, wind and more.

Lip oil - possible applications

With lip oils, sticky lips are a thing of the past. You should no longer worry about strands of hair getting stuck and ruining your look. Not only does the product provide a high-shine finish, but it’s easy to apply when you’re in a hurry. Adding an oil to your lip care routine will hydrate your lips and reduce the buildup of dead cells on their surface.

Nourishing lip oil: possible applications

Combine natural product with lipstick

The multitasking miracle offers several application options. You can apply the product pure for a shining, irresistible shine on nude lips. The beauty product can also be applied to freshly cleansed or tinted lips for a trendy yet simple summer look.

Oil for lips - application and advantages of the beauty trend

You can also use it before going to bed. The oils in natural cosmetics improve the texture and moisture content of your lips. Sleep with your lip oil so the ingredients can work overnight.

Difference between a lip oil, lip gloss and lip balm.

Difference between lip oil and lip gloss

Lip gloss has the same makeup-boosting properties as lip oil, but it can be heavy and sticky. It also doesn’t offer your face any skin conditioning properties. Tinted lip oils can give you the same shimmery, glossy look, but they also provide intense moisture and perfectly combine makeup and gentle skin care for a pretty and useful lip look.

Difference between lip oil and lip balm

Lip balm, on the other hand, does not really moisturize, but is more of a lubricant, while an oil for lips both lubricates and moisturizes. Now there is a difference between the two: A lubricant only temporarily relieves the symptoms of dryness, such as flaking, while moisturizing addresses the main problem. If you want a more subtle lip look that really makes it look like you’re not wearing makeup, lip balm is the way to go. A lip oil offers a natural look, but because of the shine, you can see that you have something on your lips.

Make nourishing lip oil yourself

Coconut or jojoba oil

Make your own nourishing lip oil at home

Make a homemade lip oil at home with a few natural ingredients! Opt for a carrier oil because lip oils need a carrier oil. You can make the homemade product with many nourishing oils. For example, try using sweet almond oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil.

Mix your carrier oil in equal parts with a thickener such as vegetable glycerin or honey. If you suffer from dry lip skin, chapped or flaky lips, add other nourishing ingredients and antioxidants like vitamin C or vitamin E oil. You can also add essential oils as desired for a pleasant scent. Combine the ingredients in your container. Shake the container well until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the mixture looks homogeneous. Store the product in a cool, dry place.

Raspberry seed oil

Make your own natural cosmetics - lip oil

Here’s what you need for this recipe: castor oil, jojoba oil and raspberry seed oil.

Add about 6-7 drops of castor oil to a mixing bowl. Castor oil contains fatty acids that help restore moisture and heal dry, chapped lips. Also, the thick consistency of castor oil prevents the lip oil from becoming runny. Then add about 6-7 drops of jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is an important ingredient in many lip products and prevents lips from flaking and softens the skin. After that, add 3-4 drops of essential oil to this mixture if you want a pleasant scent.

Adding shadow pigments to lip oil

Finally, add 6-7 drops of raspberry seed oil – it is rich in vitamin E and A, which are powerful antioxidants. Raspberry seed oil also contains a natural SPF that protects lips from any sun damage. Mix the oils well and pour the mixture into the container. You can also make a tinted version of the beauty trend by adding your favorite eyeshadow pigments to the lip oil. Remember to mix the pigment well so there are no lumps.