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Madison Beer – this woman we have on the (beauty) screen

24.5 million people currently follow Madison Beer on Instagram. A name you’ve never heard before? In fact, there are many beautiful reasons to have the 22-year-old American on your radar. Tikbow explains the hype surrounding the shooting star from Long Island.

It all started with a tweet in 2012 for Madison Beer: Superstar Justin Bieber shared one of her music videos on Twitter and commented: "Wow. 13 years old! She can sing. Super job. #futurestar ." The famously extremely loyal Bieber fans then took a close look at the newcomer and catapulted the just 13-year-old into the limelight.

Madison Beer – how it all began

The singer was born in Jericho, Long Island in New York state, where she later went to school. As her daughter’s career gained momentum, Madison Beer’s parents moved with her to Los Angeles. Today, she is not only a singer, but also a welcome guest on red carpets and Hollywood parties, and Beer counts well-known stars such as Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid among her circle of friends. Her best-known albums are "As She Pleases" and "Life Support", and she has already toured with the former.

Madison Beer at MTV Awards 2020
The beauty expert at the MTV AwardsPhoto: Getty Images

Love-wise, rumors circulate that Madison is currently involved with social media star Nick Austin; in the past, Beer has dated Brooklyn Beckham, Zach Bia and Jack Gilinsky. The spotlight is said not to have done the relationships any good – the reason why she is more reserved now? In several Youtube clips, she also spoke openly about having been in love with a woman before, but did not want to be labeled in terms of sexuality: "I don’t want to be put in any category, that feels strange", quoted "JustJared" Madison Beer back in 2016.

Makeup video goes viral

VOGUE magazine published a makeup tutorial of the now 22-year-old Madison in February this year, which became a viral hit. On TikTok alone, the hashtag #madisonbeermakeup has more than 23.9 million views. The secret: an intense and at the same time natural look, with the so-called Feather Brows, full lips and a thin gel of liner causing particular excitement among fans. Down to the last detail, Madison Beer revealed her makeup routine, which lasted just under 10 minutes, including the products used. She also revealed her absolute cosmetics must-have: "My favorite makeup product is blush" – if there was only one thing she would use for the rest of her life, it would 100% be blush. 

Reaction to criticism on the net

As a social media star, you are constantly exposed to criticism and hatred online, a fact that also left its mark on Madison Beer. Among other things, the singer was accused of copying Ariana Grande and staging photos as part of the Black Lives Matter protests. The singer denied all of this. At first it was difficult for her to deal with it confidently, she admitted in an interview with the TV channel of "Hunger Magazine", nevertheless, it is a deep concern for her to appear as authentic as possible on her channels. "We are all human beings. We are all growing and learning. Don’t be so hard on each other and stop thinking your favorite celebrity is perfect", Madison said during a Q&A session on her Insta account.