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Maderotherapy – the anti-cellulite treatment in check

What to do when unsightly dents appear on the thighs and buttocks? A new treatment method promises relief from cellulite: Maderotherapy. What exactly is done and why it is not suitable for every woman – Tikbow talked to an expert about it.

Cellulite affects almost every woman at some point. For some, the dimples are less pronounced than for others. Most often, cellulite, also called orange peel skin, occurs on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Medically, the dimples are harmless. But especially in summer, when you want to show your legs, they can be very annoying. A new treatment method from Colombia is said to be able to combat cellulite in a targeted manner.

Maderotherapy: Massage with wooden rollers

More and more beauty studios are offering Maderotherapy. Madero" means “wood” or “wooden plank. In this massage, as the word implies, you work with various wooden instruments. They are very different in shape and weight. Eva Razgoršek, owner of Perfectbody Academy, explains: "Depending on which instrument you use, you penetrate the tissue to different depths. A roller with Würfeln for example is well suitable für places with many fat cushions."

Procedure of classic maderotherapy

The Maderotherapie for legs, belly and Po lasts depending upon offerer and body extent approx. 45 minutes and costs around 70 euro. "You massage with the wooden instruments überall where cellulite and fat pads are or water accumulates in the body", says Eva Razgoršek. "However, I recommend massaging the whole body, including the arms and face. This gets the whole lymph flow going."

Before the treatment, the skin is rubbed with Öl. This can be a neutral Öl or, depending on preference, a special detox or massage Öl can be used. "Ideally, two to three treatments per week", advises Eva Razgoršek. "Between the treatments should be a day break, so that the body can detoxify and regenerate in peace."

Does Maderotherapy hurt?

"Maderotherapy should never be painful and leave bruises", emphasizes the beautician. "Because who has pain, cramps and the lymph can not flow properly. The treatment should be intense, but still pleasant. So it is important to find the pain threshold together with the masseur. After all, one is not equally sensitive to pain every day. Sometimes you tolerate less, sometimes more;

Maderotherapy at home

If you want to try out Maderotherapy for yourself, you should find out beforehand how to use the wooden instruments correctly. Some studios offer courses or tutorials on this and also supply the appropriate wooden set. "A professional masseur usually achieves a better result, but it is a good ergänzation", says Eva Razgoršek. "Even though you can’t do much wrong, however, you should understand how to use the wooden rollers to affect the tissues, lymph and blood circulation. A common mistake is to roll too hard along the muscles and bones. This causes bruising."

What is the effect of Maderotherapy?

The massage is intended to stimulate the lymphatic flow and flush out waste products and toxins. Also the metabolism and the fat burn are boosted. The skin is to look thereby smoother, firmer and healthier. However, the beauty expert emphasizes that Maderotherapy cannot perform miracles. Very pronounced cellulite cannot be removed in two or three months,” says Razgor šek. "Maderotherapy is rather one building block of many in the fight against cellulite. It is important to exercise, eat a healthy diet, drink two to three liters of water a day and avoid stress;

Maderotherapy: taboo for sick people and pregnant women

Before you make an appointment for Maderotherapy or order the complete set for your home, you should check whether this form of massage is suitable for you. Maderotherapy should only be performed on healthy people,” warns Razgor šek. Those with heart or kidney problems should refrain – as should cancer patients. "Often, cancers are related to the lymphatic system and maderotherapy could even harm them under certain circumstances", says Razgoršek. She also advises pregnant women and nursing mothers against Maderotherapy because of its detoxifying effects. Women with diabetes, severe circulatory disorders or varicose veins should talk to their doctor beforehand.