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Lose weight in the face with exercises and tighten skin and facial muscles with these simple steps!

Since all the muscles of the body need to be moved for optimal well-being, it is only logical that the face (which also has muscles!) deserves some exercises. Yoga for the face offers just that. You can lose weight in the face with exercises and tone the skin and facial muscles. Exercising the facial muscles could slow down the aging process, relieve tension, and help tone the underlying muscles of the face.

How to tighten facial skin and muscles

Lose weight in the face with exercises - the best option to keep your facial skin tight

If you want to avoid invasive treatments like injections and lasers, facial exercises are the best option to keep your facial skin tight. As with any exercise, different exercises target different muscles. However, don’t expect to have firm cheeks after just one session. Are you ready for the skin workout? Read on to try some expert-recommended facial exercises.

Exercise the upper eye areas

You can exercise the upper eye parties with this exercise

Experts recommend this exercise to give your upper eye area a little boost. Take the three middle fingers of each hand and place them under your eyebrows. Then, pull your eyebrows straight up. Look straight ahead and use your forehead muscles to press against the fingertips holding your brows. Hold the position for ten seconds, and on the seventh second, close your eyes as you raise and anchor your eyebrows. Relax and repeat the movement two more times, for a total of three times.

Lose weight in the face with exercises: Tighten your chin

Lose weight in the face with exercises - lift your chin about five centimeters

Place the fingertips of two fingers just behind the chin bone, on the soft spot just below the tongue. Gently press upward with your fingers. Then press your tongue upward into the roof of your mouth. You should feel a muscle contraction on your fingers. Relax, and repeat the exercise a total of 10 times. This will strengthen the muscles, tighten the area, and prevent laxity.

There is also a variation of this exercise: lift your chin about five inches and press your tongue against the roof of your mouth while looking up at the ceiling. Then open your lips slightly and hold this position for five seconds. Release and repeat three more times, for 10 seconds each time.

Stretch your neck to achieve relaxation

If your neck is strained and tense, it can also show on your face

When your neck is tense and strained, this tension can also show in your face. Your eyes look smaller, and your face overall looks like it’s pulled down. In addition to facial exercises, stretching and massaging the neck can help relieve tension. First, tilt your head toward one shoulder, place your hand on the head and gently pull it closer to the shoulder to deepen the stretch. Repeat the process on the other side. After stretching both sides, use your hands to massage the muscles in the neck on both sides of the spine, working from the base of the neck upward toward the top of the skull.

Tightening the eye parties

The area under the eyes is one of the most sensitive parts of the face, and the skin is thinner than other parts of the face – but the muscles in this area still need to be exercised. Look up and then begin to close your eyes, first lifting your lower eyelids so that it almost looks like you’re staring at someone. Hold this position with your lower eye muscles tensed for five seconds, then release. Perform the movement a total of three times.

Tightening the jaw

Exercises to tighten the jawline can help to have a shiny face

As we age, the skin along the jawline can become saggy – and constantly looking at your phone or tablet can contribute to this. Exercises to tighten the jawline can help. Lift your chin to form a tight line between your chin and collarbone without overstretching your neck. Turn your head to the right and look over your right shoulder at the ceiling behind you, then extend your jaw forward. Hold this position for five seconds, release, and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the movement a total of three times, then switch to the left side and do the same.

Facial Burpee

Follow our tips to optimize facial exercises.

Strength training of the muscles under the skin is an important part of facial exercises . In a “facial burpee,” use your fingers as resistance by actively pushing your eyebrows up for five seconds, isolating and defining these muscles. Finally, use a jade roller – the facial version of a foam roller – to relax your muscles and smooth your skin for a five-minute “cool down” period.

Here’s how to optimize your facial exercises

Lose weight in the face with exercises and tighten skin and facial muscles with these simple steps

  • Be consistent. You can lose weight on your face with exercise, but if you want to see results, consistency is key. Experts recommend doing facial exercises six days a week for at least 12 weeks. After that, the face will look much younger, and this new look can be maintained if the exercises are done three times a week. Permanent changes do not occur until the sixth week.
  • Stick to upward movements. When we massage or manually exercise the face, we should usually always perform an upward motion to promote tightening.
  • Apply firm pressure. You don’t want to tug or pull on your skin, but you don’t need to be ultra-gentle either. Muscles need to be exercised to keep them healthy and strong. Plus, the ligaments, fascia and other layers of tissue can take the workout. They hold tension and can tighten up, so don’t be afraid to move them.