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Kombucha in skin care – useful or overrated?

Während die meisten Kombucha als erfrischendes Wellnessgetränk kennen dürften, wird das fermentierte Getränk in Asien bereits seit Langem in der Volksmedizin als wirkungsvolles Naturheilmittel genutzt. Wenig verwunderlich also, dass es auch immer mehr in der Kosmetik zum Einsatz kommt. Was es mit Kombucha in skin care auf sich hat – Tikbow erklärt es.

Kombucha is a drink made from a fungus consisting of various yeasts and bacteria. Placed in sugared tea, this fungus ferments and develops its versatile properties – properties that kombucha can also develop in skin care.

Kombucha in skin care

The ingredients produced by fermentation include vitamins A, C and B-group vitamins, live yeasts, and health-promoting enzymes and bacteria. The special thing about kombucha is that its living cultures and microorganisms are supposed to make us not only healthier internally, but also healthier externally. Its cleansing and nourishing effect is therefore also suitable for cosmetic use.

Fields of application of Kombucha

Stressed skin

The combination of C and B vitamins as well as the organic acids promote cell functionality and regeneration of the skin. Thus Kombucha provides a radiant complexion and nourishes particularly stressed skin. Face and body lotions enriched with kombucha are particularly suitable in this context.

Blemished skin and acne

Due to the organic acids it contains, kombucha has a mild antibacterial effect similar to that of vinegar, gluconic acid and lactic acid. In its function as a probiotic, it promotes good bacteria and balances the PH of the skin. This slows down the formation of pimples and blackheads and the skin is better protected against environmental influences. It is also said to be effective against inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea, eczema or acne. However, in the case of skin diseases, a visit to a specialist is always advisable.

Kombucha Pad
Contained in creams, serums, toners and lotions Kombucha can unfold its effect.Photo: iStock/ GreenArtPhotography

Product recommendation: Toner enriched with kombucha can be applied ideally after cleansing and can thus develop its effect optimally.

Blemishes and lines

Antioxidants contained in kombucha provide protection against free radicals – harmful äuter influences such as environmental toxins and UV radiation. They help the skin to stay healthy and smooth and thus counteract skin aging to a certain extent. Serums or a moisturizer enriched with kombucha are particularly suitable.


Kombucha kann genau wie Apfelessig oder Schwedenkräuter als Hausmittel Hyperpigmentation reduzieren. Die enthaltenen Milchsäurebakterien entfernen abgestorbene Hautzellen, während die Vitamine C und E die Hautregenration unterstützen. Vor allem als Peeling entfaltet Kombucha hier seine Wirkung.

Crusty hair

The vitamins C and B contained in the toner stimulate hair growth and ensure strong hair with a healthy shine. Kombucha can be used here as an additive in the conditioner.

What should I bear in mind when using kombucha?

Generally Kombucha can be prepared quite simply. To do this, simply prepare the kombucha culture with tea, sugar and water, and after just a few days the drink is ready. There are countless instructions for this online.

But be careful when using homemade drinkable kombucha as a skin care additive! Here it is important to pay attention to the dosage and better not to apply the drink directly and undiluted. The often too high concentration of acid can cause skin irritation and damage the skin barrier. It is better to use special skin care products that have already been formulated with kombucha in optimal concentration and composition. Especially popular are serums, toners and peelings.

Critics complain that the natural Kombucha is often almost ineffective in industrial production, because it is pasteurized in favor of the shelf life. The objection is that this high level of heating kills the very living organisms that make up its healing power.

Kombucha in skin care – Fazit

What has been proven to strengthen the intestinal flora, activate the immune system, stimulate the metabolism and purify the blood, definitely deserves a chance in skin care. And since kombucha is particularly gentle on the skin in optimal composition, the care products are also suitable for every skin type.