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Is there really a difference between women’s and men’s creams?

There are many skin care products available – but one thing is striking: there are different products specifically for women or men. Is this simply a clever marketing strategy, or do women’s and men’s skin really differ? Tikbow explains the differences and who should use which cream.

Men’s skin is more robust and öliger

Men’s skin is demonstrably different from that of women. This is because the way the skin expresses itself is related to hormones and thus also to gender. The male sex hormone testosterone ensures that men have more active sebaceous glands and thus tend to have thinner skin than women. Their often oily, coarse-pored skin is usually glistening around the nose and forehead, and they are also more prone to pimples and blackheads,” explains Birgit Huber from the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association. Thanks to the öliger content of the skin, men often need less care than women, because their skin is not as affected by dehydration – and therefore just different creams.

Men should not use women’s creams

Since men’s skin is structured differently, women should not use creams from the men’s shelf, and vice versa. A skin care cream for dry women’s skin would be far too greasy for the majority of men,” explains Birgit Huber. As a result, the skin would become shiny, sweaty and the cream would not be absorbed well. Instead of rich formulations, creams, lotions or gels with a low fat content would be ideal for the average male skin.

Women’s skin is drier and less acidic

Women’s skin, on the other hand, produces less sebum and therefore tends to be drier. This finding is also supported by a study conducted by the University of Hamburg. It found that the skin of women between the ages of 20 and 50 loses significantly more moisture than that of men. In addition, the study suggests that women’s skin with a pH value of more than 5 is basically less acidic than that of men. But what does this mean for women’s skin care?

The right skin care for women

Since women tend to have drier skin, they should care for their skin with nourishing lipids (fats), especially when other influences such as dry heating or cold winter air come into play. These are contained in most creams for women. Nevertheless, it is also important here not to overprotect the skin. If the cream is applied too frequently or too thickly, irritation, irritation or pimples can result. In addition, it should always be remembered that every skin is different. Although the average woman’s skin is drier, there are of course also women with oily skin. It is best for them to use antibacterial and sebum-regulating skin care products. Creams, lotions & Co. with salicylic acid are recommended.

With material from dpa