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Injecting under eye circles – how dangerous is it?

Injecting dark circles with hyaluronic acid? Sounds unpleasant, but it’s now a popular minimally invasive beauty procedure. Tikbow spoke with an expert about the treatment process, costs and risks – and learned why plastic surgeons no longer perform the procedure themselves.

Dark eye shadows and pronounced dark circles make the face look dull. Often the right care products and a little concealer can help to conceal dark circles. If that doesn’t work, some people resort to more drastic methods: On social media, short videos are frequently posted in which people simply have their dark circles injected under their eyes.

Injecting dark circles under the eyes – treatment, costs, durability?

In this minimally invasive procedure, the doctor injects the area under the eyes with hyaluronic acid. This lifts and plumps up the tear trough. This should then lead to a reduction of dark shadows and eye wrinkles and make the person look more awake, fresher and younger. In addition, small wrinkles can be plumped up and blemishes reduced. The treatment takes only a few minutes. The result should last between 12 and 18 months and costs between 300 and 800 euros, depending on the doctor treating the patient and the amount of filler required.

What does the expert say?

Dr. Taufig is a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery and has over 25 years of professional experience. In the past, he himself offered under-eye ring injections with hyaluronic acid. In the meantime, however, he advises against it.

The skin is particularly thin in this part of the face, explains the cosmetic surgeon. He warns that the complication rate of the treatment is therefore very high. During the injection, small lumps can appear. And precisely because the skin on the lower eyelid is so thin, these are then directly visible under certain circumstances.

Once these wrinkles have formed, it becomes very difficult to conceal these irregularities. If one then tries to "lessen" the hyaluronic acid with Hylase, the enzyme can attack the Ränder of the thin fat layer of the eye area. Instead of pimples, you risk creating small dimples and bumps. "I personally advise my patients against lower eyelid injections", says Dr. Taufig quite clearly.

Alternative to the injection of dark circles with hyaluronic acid

Dr. Taufig advises as an alternative to a subcutaneous injection with autologous fat. To do this, the cosmetic surgeon removes some fat from another part of the patient’s body. This is then prepared and injected under the muscle of the lower eyelid. This significantly reduces the risk of lumps forming, and the result lasts much longer, according to the expert. Although the treatment is more complex, one does not risk the complications that the filler brings with it in case of doubt when injecting the dark circles under the eyes. The injection of the patient’s own fat takes about 30 minutes and costs around 1000 euros.