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How useful are extra care products for tattoos?

There are now plenty of extra care products on the market for tattooed skin. But how useful are special tattoo sun creams and body lotions really? An expert clarifies.

Tattoos are the trend! In the age group between 20 and 30, every second person now has at least one motif on or under their skin. Overall, a good quarter of the population in Germany is tattooed, and the trend is rising. No wonder that the beauty industry sees a market for special cosmetics. While tattoo studios used to recommend products from abroad or from pharmacies, special tattoo care products such as lotions and creams are now also available on our drugstore shelves. Whether it’s a start-up company or cosmetics giant Beiersdorf, the choice of brands for tattoo care is vast, and the same applies to the product ranges.

What should special tattoo care products bring?

Promised is about "Moisturizing care for intense and bright colors." A sun lotion with sun protection factor 30 should protect the colors from fading and long look like freshly stung. But are the products really better suited for tattoo care, or is it all more appearance than reality?

Special tattoo care products – that means the expert

Dermatologist Gerd Kautz, representative of the professional association of German dermatologists, ascribes to the products quite a positive effect – if rather a psychological one. "If you tell young people ‚Use sun protection‘, then that is a boring topic. But if you say ‚You have to take special care of your tattoo‘, then that is a cool thing", the expert says. Therefore, he sees such products quite positive, even if there are no large studies that would show which ingredients are extra good for Tätowierte.

In any case, Kautz believes it is urgently necessary to motivate young people in particular to use more creams, sprays or fluids. "Light protection is practiced far too little – especially in the younger generation, awareness is too low." In other countries such as Australia, people are much further ahead, the dermatologist judges. Tattoo cosmetics probably don’t do much more than normal sunscreen or skin care, but even that is not done enough." So tattoo care at least serves the purpose of getting tattooed people to pay more attention to their skin. "If everyone would take care of their skin properly, it would be much less problematic for us medical professionals," says Kautz.

The right skin care is important

To good skin care – independently of tattoos – also belongöre not to let them become too dry and to clean themselves wisely. "We all wash ourselves too much!", says the expert. You can take a shower every day, but you should use as little soap or shower gel as possible. As far as moisturizing care is concerned, sunscreen from discount stores is usually sufficient, while overpriced products from high-end perfumeries are unnecessary, he says, and advises: “Use the skin protection that you are most comfortable with and that is also acceptable in terms of price. The more comfortable a patient feels with a product, the more likely he is to use it." If it is a special tattoo care product – also good.


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