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How shea butter helps with dry skin and brittle hair

Shea butter is often advertised as an all-rounder for dry skin and is contained in creams or lip care. But what can the supposed power ingredient really do?

Shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the caritine tree, explains the Industrieverband Körperpflege- und Waschmittel (IKW) in Frankfurt am Main. Shea butter is native to tropical Central Africa and can grow up to 20 meters tall. In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, the rich butter contains the antioxidant vitamin E and allantoin, making it a real all-rounder for chapped lips, rough skin and dry hair.

What can the all-künner ingredient?

Shea butter penetrates the skin particularly well and makes it soft and receptive to other substances,” explains IKW expert Birgit Huber. Thanks to ingredients such as allantoin, shea butter can also be used to treat skin irritations. It helps to accelerate cell development, cell formation and cell regeneration in the skin. In addition, the butter can make dry and brittle hair smoother, for example in the form of a hair treatment.

Shea butter – a valuable natural product

Shea butter contains about 50 percent pure vegetable fat. This is extracted from the fruit flesh in a complex process. The odorless, yellow-white paste is most valuable in its unrefined form and has a shelf life of up to four years. Important: Please only buy certified shea butter!

In addition to caring for dry skin, shea butter also supports scar healing. It helps with eczema and rashes and has a calming effect on sun-stressed skin. The more scientists research this precious raw material, the clearer it becomes that we are dealing with a true beauty all-rounder.

How do you recognize shea butter in skin care products?

Whether shea butter is contained can be seen in the list of ingredients on the packaging of the cosmetics. Alternatively, the technical term "Butyrospermum parkii butter" may be mentioned on the label.