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How does skin care work according to the lunar calendar?

The moon has always held an incredible fascination for us. Because of its tremendous gravitational pull, which moves entire oceans, some people additionally attribute to it an influence on their own bodies. And don’t we all know at least a little bit the phenomenon of sleeping worse at full moon?

In fact, the orientation to the lunar calendar also promises that beauty products work better (or worse) on some days. In addition, when dealing with the phases of the moon, the good feeling of living in rhythm with nature remains. How to adapt skin care to the lunar calendar – Tikbow explains.

What is the lunar calendar?

The lunar calendar with its 354 days differs from the solar year of the Gregorian calendar. It comprises 12 months, each consisting of 29 or 30 days, and assigns favorable and less favorable influences on the body to the four different phases of the moon. Astrologically, each lunar phase has its own special power, which is additionally influenced by the different signs of the zodiac. Many people are convinced that the moon’s power influences the body’s readiness to perform, absorb and deliver, and thus also its needs.

The 4 phases of the moon and their care recommendation

New moon – cleansing and detoxification

The new moon, with which each new month begins, is equated with new beginnings and is said to be ideal for starting a diet. Also cleansing, detoxifying measures such as saunas, peelings, skin cleansing and alkaline baths are particularly effective here. For the sake of your skin, do you finally want to break bad habits or start a new skin care routine? New moon is the perfect time for this.

Waxing Moon – Strengthening and Regeneration

The waxing moon is attributed with the properties of memory and regeneration. It’s the perfect time to nourish, strengthen, and pamper the skin. Enjoy rich skin care products such as face masks, serums and packs during this time.

Full moon – rest and relaxation.

The full moon is considered the time when the forces discharge and many people feel restless, tired and unbalanced. Here, therefore, rest and relaxation are definitely called for. Enjoy extensive facial massages and fragrant, soothing Ölbäder.

Waning moon – let go and release

The waning moon is the phase of energy output, the most active phase of the body. Take advantage of this time to rid yourself of anything störing. Especially effective now are cellulite treatments, facial cleansing and steam baths to remove skin impurities, and hair removal.

Some cosmetic brands even take the positive influence of the moon phases into account during production and only produce their face masks during the waxing moon, for example.

Skin care according to the lunar calendar – Conclusion

When looking for a reliable lunar calendar, you will quickly find what you are looking for, because the phases of the moon are visible to the naked eye. However, as far as the recommendations for action and the influences attributed to the individual phases of the moon are concerned, there is a lot of room for interpretation. In the end it is probably a question of faith. While there is no scientifically verifiable evidence that the changing phases of the moon really affect humans, can it be a coincidence that the lunar cycle, with its approximately 28 days, lasts exactly as long as the menstrual and skin renewal cycles? And isn’t it strange that the moon controls the tides and then should have no influence on our body, which is almost 80% water?