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Here are 7 makeup looks that men hate on women and that you’d better forget!

Makeup is a big part of most women’s daily routine, and there’s probably hardly a woman who leaves the house without makeup on in the morning. Many of us started experimenting with our moms’ eyeshadows and lipsticks as little girls, and there’s no denying that makeup is super fun! Whether it’s smokey eyes, a dramatic eyeliner or a bright lipstick, we love to get all dolled up every now and then. Some do it for themselves and others want to attract the attention of the male population. But unfortunately, this can backfire quite quickly and there are actually some makeup looks that men hate on women and don’t go down well with them at all. But don’t panic, because that’s what we’re here for! We’ve done our research for you and below we’ll tell you which beauty trends men don’t like!

Makeup looks that men hate on women

Lipstick trends 2023 make up looks men hate on women

First of all, we want to make one thing clear – we shouldn’t wear makeup mainly for men, but for ourselves. Every woman can and should wear what she feels like, because the most important thing is that we feel comfortable in our skin. You love a thick eyeliner or bright red lips are your trademark? Then keep it up! However, if you want to charm a man, then you should also know the makeup looks that men hate on women. Yes, not only us, but also the male population has preferences when it comes to our makeup and some blemishes can really ruin your chances of a second date. But so that it doesn’t even get to that point, in our article we take a closer look at what the opposite sex doesn’t like at all.

Makeup looks that men hate: Bushy eyebrows are a no-go

bushy eyebrows are in trend Make-up looks men hate on women

Beautifully shaped eyebrows give our face more contour and expression and are essential for a well-groomed appearance. But in recent years, “the fuller the better” has been the rule, and at the latest since the Olsen Twins and Cara Develingne, bushy and dark eyebrows have become one of the biggest beauty trends. Whether it’s micoblading or eyebrow lamination, we spend lots of money on overpriced procedures to get that bushy look. But unfortunately, we have to disappoint you now, because bushy eyebrows, although trendy, are also one of the makeup looks that men hate on women. They think that they make us look too masculine and find natural eyebrows much more beautiful and attractive.

Too much make-up

Makeup looks that men hate Beauty Trends 2023

First foundation, then concealer, followed by contouring and blush and the list goes on – there are plenty of makeup products that we can use to emphasize our assets and conceal small blemishes. However, we should be careful not to overdo it, because otherwise we will quickly turn into a painting. Again, men think that less is actually more. So try not to use too many products at the same time, otherwise the look will look rather unnatural and mask-like. BB creams are an excellent alternative to foundations and also provide our skin with plenty of moisture. Especially with the blush you should not overdo it and rather do without bars from mouth to ear. For a rosy and healthy complexion, a touch of blush is perfectly sufficient. Embrace your natural beauty and not only your man, but also your skin will thank you for it!

Makeup looks men hate on women: Forgo lip gloss

Is lip gloss on trend Makeup looks men hate on women

Beautifully glossy lip gloss à la the 90s is making a big comeback this year and is one of the biggest beauty trends for 2023. It looks really nice, but is rather impractical for everyday wear. Let’s face it – sticky lip gloss doesn’t exactly invite kissing and in the end, the man has lip gloss on his lips too. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? So it’s no wonder that this is also one of the makeup looks that men hate on women. So, in order to increase your chances of getting a kiss at the end of the date, you’d better leave the lip gloss at home.

Lipsticks in bright colors

Beauty trends 2023 make up looks men hate on women

Maybe it will surprise you a bit, but most men like it more natural. A lipstick in neon pink may be trendy, but is often too much for the opposite sex. Makeup looks that men hate on women also include lipsticks in darker shades, such as brown, purple or Bordeaux. However, they are totally into a red lipstick and find red lips extremely feminine and sexy.

Colored eye shadow

colored eye shadow makeup looks men hate on women

Eye shadow is a great way to accentuate our eyes and give our look a sensual expression. But you’d better be careful with colored eyeshadow, because if we overdo it, we’ll quickly look like a parrot. Red, blue or green eyeshadow have become trendy again in recent years, but all of these are makeup looks that men hate on women. Keep it more simple and opt for natural eye makeup instead.

Eyeliner that’s too thick as one of the makeup looks men hate

Apply eyeliner correctly Make up looks men hate

Drawing the perfect eyeliner is an art in itself and a black eyeliner makes for a seductive look – or at least that’s what we thought, because men see it differently. Men like it when we emphasize our eyes only discreetly and a thick eyeliner does not go down well at all with most of them.

Colorful and long fingernails

Make up looks men hate nail trends 2023

The feeling of leaving the nail salon with a fancy manicure is indescribable, isn’t it? We women, love to try the latest nail trends and artificial, long nails are an absolute must for many of us. But long and colorful claws are an absolute no-go and a horror for the opposite sex! Similar to the lips and eyes, men also prefer it natural and classic on our nails.