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Foods that make the skin look old faster

We have long known that sun and cigarettes promote wrinkles. But the wrong diet also makes us look old faster. Tikbow explains how strongly our eating habits influence the aging process – and how you can turn your diet into a fountain of youth.

Before you invest the next time in an expensive anti-aging cream, you should first take a look at your diet – food has a great influence also on the skin. It may be enough to change your diet a little to counteract wrinkles, look fresher and slow down the aging process a bit. The best proof: the inhabitants of Okinawa. The population of the Japanese archipelago is one of the most energetic in the world, with a particularly high relative number of centenarians living here. Researchers have found that Okinawans not only exercise more, but also eat an exemplary diet. Their food is low in fat and salt, rich in fruits and vegetables, and on average they consume no more than 1,800 calories a day.

Tikbow asked nutritionist and medical journalist Sven David Mller which foods you should steer clear of for the sake of your beauty. The bad news in advance: chocolate croissants make us look old particularly quickly. They contain a lot of sugar and trans fats – in short: they are not good for our bodies. Not only do we put on weight due to the high levels of salt, but our skin also becomes wrinkled and saggy more quickly in the long run.

Eliminate foods like fast food for longer-lasting, beautiful skin.

In any case, convenience foods and fast food contain few nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, zinc or folic acid. But these are important for healthy skin tissue and the formation of new cells,” says nutrition expert Müller. Junk food and foods such as white bread, which contain empty carbohydrates, can thus lead to early wrinkle formation and also promote cellulite. Small changes can make a big difference: Replace baguette with wholemeal bread, reach for an apple instead of a chocolate cookie and give up pizza and lemonade.

Salt removes moisture

Too much salt removes a lot of fluid from the body and thus nutrients such as water-soluble vitamins. This makes our cells look pretty old. But we are not talking about the salt that we sprinkle on our salad or potatoes. It is the hidden salts in chips, ready-to-eat sauces, French fries and burgers that are the worst. Tip: Stay away from ready-made snacks! Instead: Cut vegetables, cucumbers and celery into sticks, add a delicious hummus dip, and you have a healthy snack that is also good for your skin.

Drink less alcohol

Alcohol is highly dehydrating, and beer in particular drives water out of the body. This causes the skin to lose elasticity and wrinkles to form more quickly. Therefore, always drink a large glass of mineral water with every glass of alcohol! Even better: avoid alcohol or limit it to special days. Water is the fountain of youth par excellence, so it’s no coincidence that models consume so much of it. If you drink two and a half liters of mineral water every day for 14 days, you can clearly see the difference: fewer deep wrinkles, firmer skin. "Drinking lots of mineral water helps more than any expensive cream", explains nutrition consultant Sven David Müller – and at the same time it also prevents cellulite.