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False eyelashes according to eye shape & distance: these are the models that will flatter your eyes

If you thought that you can just randomly buy a pair of artificial eyelashes and get started, you thought wrong. Because the wide selection in stores, which you have certainly noticed before, is not only to create a more simple or even more dramatic eye look at will. False eyelashes should also be chosen depending on the shape of the eye, because what is optimal for almond eyes is not necessarily suitable for droopy or round eyes. We will give you an overview of how to properly select and apply fake eyelashes to match your eyes.

The shape of the eyes determines the right Fake Lashes

False eyelashes depending on eye shape - How to balance the natural shape

With artificial eyelashes, you can emphasize your eyes if you choose them correctly. Because with their help, you can balance the shapes. Here’s how to choose fake lashes correctly depending on the shape of your eyes:

Style eyes with almond shape

False eyelashes according to eye shape - Almond shapes are suitable for all lash curls

With the almond shape it behaves in principle as with the oval face shape . In fact, everything is possible and allowed. So you can opt for false eyelashes of any kind. However, it is also recommended to emphasize the beautiful almond shape and you can do this by choosing a model that follows the natural shape and overall length of the eyelid, while remaining as consistent as possible in density and length.

Kim Kardashian has almond-shaped eyes.

False eyelashes according to the shape of the eyes – round eyes

Fake lashes depending on eye shape - Round eyes with long fake lashes on the outside

To somewhat compensate for the round shape of the eyes, you should visually draw them out in length. The best way to achieve this is to focus the fake lashes on the outer corners of the eyes. Of course, the Fake Lashes may extend over the entire eyelid. The idea here is simply that the lash hairs should become longer towards the outside. This is the same effect as cat eyes and eyeliner with sweep at the corner of the eye.

Also, avoid overly voluminous styles and keep it more subtle instead. The large volume makes the eyelids look heavier and the eyes themselves look smaller.

Round eyes is what Katy Perry has.

The right fake lashes for drooping eyelids

False eyelashes depending on eye shape with long hairs in the middle

With drooping eyelids, the movable eyelid is not visible and is covered by a flap of skin, which visually closes the eye. Accordingly, you need a lash that will do the opposite, that is, open the eye. What false eyelashes are optimal for this eye shape? For drooping eyelids, choose a model with eyelashes of different lengths, the longest of which should be in the middle area, while the others become shorter on both outer sides. It is also important that you do not choose lashes that are too long or voluminous, but rather stick to something natural. If you stick to these rules, your eyes will look more open and will have depth.

Droopy Eyelashes Emma Stone.

False eyelashes eye shape – monolid eyes.

Asian, monolid lids benefit from crossed models

We know monolid eyes from Asians. They are characterized by the fact that there is no eye crease, because the skin covers the movable eyelid, similar to the case of drooping eyelids. Since the natural eyelashes in these eyes usually tend to stand straight forward, you benefit from artificial eyelashes with the opposite effect. So instead of reaching for the models where the hairs bend forward, choose those where they cross, as this will give the necessary curl. As with droopy eyelids, it should not be too lush, so as not to visually complicate the lid even more.

Monolid eyes have, among others, Lucy Liu.

Downward shape

Visually lift downward curved false eyelashes with long outer lashes

Is the outer corner of your eye below the center of your pupil? Then you have a downward eye shape, which you can compensate for by using fake eyelashes that are longer at the outer corner of the eye. It is also important to avoid too much volume and instead create a subtle lash line that can perfectly lift the eyes visually and balance the downward arc.

That’s the kind of eyes Anne Hathaway has.

False eyelashes depending on the shape of the eye – Upward eye shape.

Emphasize upward eye shape with cat eye look

It is the opposite of the downward facing shapes: The outer corner of the eye is above the center of the pupil. Emphasize exactly this corner of the eye by making the lash length there longer and/or denser. In the direction of the inner corner of the eye, the hairs thus become shorter, respectively, up to the center of the eye and from there remain constant. If you only want to discreetly emphasize your eyes, you can also apply artificial eyelashes only to the outer corner of the eye for the cat look. For this purpose, you can simply cut the Fake Lashes.

Jessica Alba also has this eye shape.

Which Fake Lashes depending on the distance between the eyes?

Choose false eyelashes according to eye shape and distance - tips for styling

So now you know the right model for false eyelashes depending on the eye shape. But what about the distance between the eyes? This also has a great influence on the right choice:

Wide distance between the eyes

Make wide eyes look narrower with the right lash line

If the distance between the eyes is greater than one eye, then you have wide eyes. So the goal is to visually reduce the distance with the artificial eyelashes. The best way to achieve this is with volume and longer lashes at the inner corner of the eye. On the other hand, you should avoid the cat eye look at all costs, as it has exactly the opposite effect.

Take a look at how Kendall Jenner styles your wide eye gap.

Close-set eyes

Visually widen narrow eyes with long hairs on the outside and short hairs on the inside

They are the opposite of wide eyes: the distance between them is smaller than one eye, so you should visually enlarge them with your eyelashes. Here, the aforementioned cat-eye look is optimal, which you can achieve by applying false eyelashes that are longer on the outside and become shorter in the middle area and inner corner of the eye. In this way, the eyes are also visually lifted a bit, which has a positive effect on the facial features in general.

Angelina Jolie is known for her cat eyes.