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Eyebrow Trends 2023: These are the TOP eyebrow shapes that will shape our looks!

Although they are often underestimated, eyebrows play an important role in our appearance. They act as a kind of frame for our face and also have the power to optimally set off our facial features. Thick, thin, bushy, colored, etc. – eyebrows always make us look completely different depending on their shape and styling and influence our expression. Similar to our outfits and hairstyles, eyebrows are also influenced by the fashion world and are subject to the beauty zeitgeist. Would you like a little optical change? Then read on and discover with us the latest eyebrow trends for 2023 that will shape our looks in the coming months.

Eyebrow Trends 2023: Straight Brows are back

Straight Brows fashion trend eyebrows trends 2023

Whether it’s styling or hairstyles, fashion trends this year are clearly all about going natural, and the same goes for eyebrow trends for 2023. While full eyebrows have been the epitome of beauty in recent months, that’s (finally) over! Bushy eyebrows are actually one of the makeup looks that men hate on women and are already officially history. No dramatic arches and no lines that are too thin – straight shaped eyebrows are thankfully back! Straight brows always look very natural and give our face an exciting, edgy touch. So embrace your natural beauty and let your brows grow. To further accentuate your Brows, you can trace the outline with an eyebrow pencil as you like.

Skinny Brows from the 90s are back in trend

are thin eyebrows in trend which eyebrow shapes are there

Do you still remember the super thin plucked and barely visible eyebrows from the 90s and 2000s? Did you think they were history? Then you were sorely mistaken, because Skiny Brows are making a huge comeback this year and are one of the biggest eyebrow trends for 2023 that we’ll be seeing everywhere. But don’t worry – we’re not wearing the trend quite as fierce and thin as we did back then. Rather, it’s a more contemporary and modern version where the brows gently taper towards the back. Not only does the look look surprisingly cool, but it’s also a great way to conceal droopy eyelids and make our eyes look bigger. One of the biggest fans of skinny brows is top model Bella Hadid, but the thin eyebrows have also been spotted on other celebrities’ fashion week runways.

Eyebrow Trends 2023: Light Brows for a bold look

Bleaches Brows fashion trend eyebrows trends 2023

Not afraid of radical changes and like to stand out from the crowd? The eyebrow trends for 2023 have something for you too! We love trying out a new and bold hair color every now and then, but when it comes to eyebrows, we tend to be cautious. But that’s about to change, because Light Brows are all the rage in the fashion world. The fashion trend takes a bit of getting used to at first glance, but it still looks really chic. Unlike Bleached Brows , which already caused a stir last year, Light Brows are a slightly more subtle variant. And no, you don’t have to bleach your eyebrows for this. You can easily recreate the look with a gel or eyebrow pencil that are a few shades lighter than your natural brows. Work them carefully and subtly over and into your eyebrows and voila – you’ll look completely different and trendy!

Laminated Brows as a beauty trend for 2023

Eyebrow lamination what is the eyebrow trends 2023

Laminated Brows as an eyebrow trend is not a specific shape, but rather an eyebrow treatment. Laminated Brows, also known as eyebrow lamination, act as a kind of lift for our face and provide a cool volume effect. In this process, the fine hairs are first brought into the desired shape by an adhesive and then fixed with a transparent eyebrow gel. The result is said to last between 3 and 4 weeks and the treatment is ideal for those who have very thin eyebrows that just won’t grow. Laminated Brows visually make the eyebrows look fuller and thus provide a youthful, fresh look.

Eyebrow Trends 2023 eyebrow lamination what is that