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Eyebrow mistakes: what are the most common mistakes in the care and shaping of brows?

Eyebrows can make or break a face. That’s why photos of celebrities without eyebrows are so fun! And with the rise of eyebrow superstars like Cara Delevingne, Emilia Clarke and Rita Ora, there’s inspiration for expertly shaped brows everywhere. But celebrities have stylists. Left to our own devices, the average person isn’t exactly a master when it comes to their brows. These are some of the most common eyebrow mistakes people make when shaping and grooming. Find out if you’ve made these mistakes yourself!

What are the most common eyebrow mistakes

What are the most common eyebrow mistakes you make without even knowing it

What are the most common eyebrow mistakes and how you can avoid them, you will learn in this article.

Correcting a mono-brow by widening the brow gap

Why: When grooming eyebrows or shaggy ends, you often pluck a gap between your brows that is wider than the Grand Canyon. This looks incredibly unnatural and just plain unattractive.

The solution: take a thin makeup brush or pencil and drag it vertically along the edge of your inner tear duct. This is the furthest point an eyebrow should be plucked.

Match the color of your brows exactly to your hair.

Why: This is especially a problem for people who color their hair. You dye your hair auburn and buy an auburn eyebrow pencil. You bleach your hair and think that now your eyebrows must be bleached too. Eyebrow and hair colors don’t have to match exactly to look good!

The solution: whether you dye your eyebrows or use a brow pencil, it’s best to choose a shade of brown with a light tint that matches your hair color. For blondes, you can opt for a shade that is a few shades darker than your hair color; this is how most light blondes look.

Ignoring your natural arch is wrong

Why: Just because your eyebrows aren’t arched at a sharp 45-degree angle doesn’t mean there isn’t an arch. Check your eyebrows, there is probably at least a slight arch along the top edge. If you pluck your eyebrows in a round or straight line, this arch will remain hidden, even though you might actually look fierce.

The solution: match the lower edge to the upper arch when plucking. You’ll find that the arch becomes more pronounced when you shape the opposite side.

Brows with sparse hair are a mistake

Why: Eyebrows whose hairs are so sparse that you can see the skin underneath might diminish your facial features too much or just look messy.

The solution: fill in your eyebrows, girl. Invest in an eyebrow pencil in a shade that matches. Not sure which shade to buy? Go to a department store or makeup store and ask one of the beauticians walking around for advice. They will be happy to help you or even fill in your brows to show you how it looks.

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Eyebrows Mistake – Plucking the upper edge too much.

Why: This can easily go wrong and mess up the natural shape of your brows. You could lose that arch we were talking about.

The solution: if the top edge absolutely needs taming, have your brows waxed or plucked by a professional. For at-home maintenance, stick to the bottom of your brows.

Applying eyebrow makeup too thick is wrong.

Why: For one thing, it looks like your brows are painted on. And it probably drowns out the rest of your face, too.

The solution: use light, short strokes instead of pushing them down or pulling them all the way through. This way, you can more easily control what you do.

Perfect eyebrow shape adjustment

Why: In your quest to make your eyebrows look identical, you will pluck too much. It’s okay if they have slight differences.

The solution: remember this common mantra: “Brows are sisters, not twins.”

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Eyebrow mistakes – plucked too short or too long.

Why: Eyebrows that are too short can make your eyes and nose look too big; eyebrows that are pulled too far out shrink your eyes and dominate your face.

The solution: the golden rule for eyebrow length is to take your makeup brush or a pencil, place it vertically on the side of your nose, and then tilt it away from your nose so that the other end rests on the outer corner of your eye. The tip of the pencil/brush handle is where your eyebrows should end.

Make up your brows before you apply your makeup.

Why: Your complexion will look different after you apply foundation and/or blush. If you make up your eyebrows before you apply your makeup, you will get a different complexion.

The solution: make coloring/filling your eyebrows one of the very last steps in your makeup routine. That way, they’ll blend in better with the rest of your face!

Eyebrow Mistake – Plucking Before Showering.

Why: The hot water in the shower sometimes loosens the hair follicles and a few brow hairs are likely to slip out while washing. This may or may not affect your freshly plucked brows. It’s a potential risk unless you have thick brow hairs that are stronger than an ox.

The solution: quite simply, don’t pluck if you’re about to shower or bathe.