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Expert explains which perfume suits which occasion

A favorite perfume that fits every occasion? Nice idea! But the reality is often different: Because the heavy, sweet scent that you love to wear at parties may cause headaches and bad moods in the office. Tikbow asked a fragrance expert what you should look out for in your daily choice of perfume.

How do I know that a fragrance suits me?

Before you think about which perfume suits which occasion, there is a much more fundamental choice in the foreground: namely, which fragrance is actually the right one for you. It is relatively easy to find out. If your perfume gives you a headache, makes you feel übel or you can’t get the smell out of your nose, it’s not the right one", says fragrance expert Birgit Bluhm.

On the other hand, those who form a synergy with its perfüm, even after three days already can not smell it on themselves. This is a pity, but also the best sign that you "ve found your" perfüm.

How do I choose my perfume in the morning?

Those who have acquired a selection of parfüms are spoiled for choice in the morning. Or, as Bluhm would put it: "When I go to my scent wardrobe in the morning after showering, I put on the scent dress after I feel like today. We can manipulate how we appear to others." When choosing, questions like: Do I want to appear attractive and sexy – or rather serious and reserved?

Extra tip: morning grouches rely on mood-lifting citrus notes. Light citrus scents not only evoke vacation feelings, they also increase concentration at work. Clear, fine musky fragrances have a similar effect.

Is there a fragrance that suits every occasion?

There is no such thing as the one fragrance that suits everyone and fits every occasion. After all, the reality of life is different for everyone, explains Bluhm. Am I at home a lot? Do I pursue my career doggedly, am I a businesswoman and have to be present at all times? Am I a saleswoman who has to advise customers and clients? Or am I perhaps a nurse who needs to be at a bedside? A different fragrance suits each of these lifestyles.

In general, however, lighter, more subtle fragrances and fresh, sporty nuances are suitable during the day. If you’re sitting in an open-plan office, you should avoid heavy, sweet fragrances, but in the evening you may prefer a somewhat more expressive, strong perfume.

Choosing the right perfume for a business dinner

A dinner with superiors or business partners is on the agenda? An overly seductive fragrance is out of place, says the expert: "When I meet business partners for lunch, I don’t want to be seductive – on the contrary." She recommends perfumes with a clear line, which smell fine, fresh and flowery. For example, a musk-based fragrance that contains a blend of pomegranate and maigl;ckchen. "That is relatively neutral and not too intrusive, that seems fine and noble."

If you want to assert yourself and show a good portion of dominance, the fragrance expert recommends fine patchouli nuances and oak moss.

What do you wear on a first date?

That is entirely a matter of type – and also depends a bit on the date. If it is the first date, the expert recommends rather unobtrusive fragrances, for example with a soft, clean amber-musk note. But you should not pretend: "If you generally always wear opulent, oriental fragrances, you should by no means do without them", Bluhm advises. Finally, when making a first impression, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin– something that your favorite perfume can do. The expert also recommends so-called molecules. They underline the own Körpermell and smell accordingly with each person differently, show however also, who proverbial "well smells can".

And for dinner with your partner?

At a romantic dinner with your partner, on the other hand, things are a little different: you already know what the other person likes about you and can choose the fragrance accordingly, explains the fragrance professional. And depending on how romantic the evening is to become, Bluhm recommends fragrances with a very special ingredient: ylang-ylang is the highest aphrodisiac and also known as the little love tongue. Its scent is quite betörend and beautifully eroticizing."