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Editors reveal their beauty routines in the lockdown

In lockdown times, a time-intensive beauty routine in the morning makes little sense at first glance. Yet we should actually take time for care right now and do something good for ourselves and our skin again and again. Whether and how we have changed our facial care for couch and home office – here we reveal it!

Daniela, Editorial Manager Tikbow

Cosmetics a liegend
Blue mascara to pink lips – the only makeup Daniela is using right now.Photo: Tikbow

The dry heated air in the home office is hard on my already dry skin. That’s why I don’t use makeup, powder, concealer, blush and highlighter in my lockdown beauty routine, i.e. anything that unnecessarily weighs down the skin and clogs the pores. Lipstick I wear anyway, and one that I have never used before: "Joli Rouge 715 Candy Rose" by Clarins (approx. 26 euros). And another innovation: For über two weeks I mascara my eyelashes with the blue "Angel Eyes Mascara" from Artdeco (about 15 euros). I never did this in everyday life, but now I really like it, because the blue emphasizes the brown of my eyes more. Otherwise, I prepare my skin with toner ("Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner", 250 ml, about 38 euros). by Kiehl’s, then apply the "Watermelon Brightening Serum" by Milk (approx. 30.95 euros) and cream myself with the"Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream"  by Kiehl’s (50ml, approx. 47 euros). Quickly the "Ultimate Supreme, Hyaluron Eye Roll-On" by Doctor Eckstein (10ml, about 35 euros) on the eye area and ready is my Corona Beauty routine.

Lockdown Beauty Routine by Marie, working student Tikbow

Beauty products on a table
Bronzer and highlighter provide a fresh look even in the home office.Photo: Tikbow

Even before the Lockdown I liked it in terms of makeup of course, my beauty routine has not changed therefore großart: I apply my Maybelline "Fit me"-Concealer (ca. 5 Euro) on dark eye shadows and impurities and give my face a fresher look with the "Pineapple Paradise Strobing"-Bronzer by TooFaced and Highlighter (by Catrice, ca. 5 Euro). In addition, I use the "Pore Primer" by Benefit (about 11 euros) to visually minimize large pores. Then bend the lashes with the eyelash curler, apply some mascara ("Super Curl" by Essence, approx. 2 euros) and my lockdown look is ready! In order to additionally care for my skin, which is stressed by wearing so many masks, I rely on particularly rich products at night: First I apply the "Sebium Night Peel" cream from Bioderma (approx. 20 euros), which is supposed to help against impurities with glycolic acid. Then I dab the Sleeping Cream by Alterra (approx. 3 euros) on dry skin areas and that’s it.

Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow

Products for the beauty routine in the Lockdown
In the home office, makeup can be a little more minimalistPhoto: Tikbow

Normally, I always wear a lot of makeup – Foundation and Fake Lashes dürfen with me in everyday life never missing. Since I hardly leave my own four walls in the lockdown, I have switched down a gear in terms of beauty and makeup. Instead of foundation, I now only use the "Face Care for Dry Skin" by TeeProSyn (50ml, approx. 3 euros) and the "Color Correcting Concealer" by Rival de Loop (6g, approx. 2 euros). So that I don’t glitter in the video call, I use colorless powder for shading from Essence (8g, approx. 3 euros).

For a bit of contour in the face, I still apply an ashy-brown eye shadow on cheeks, nose and chin, the lips I currently emphasize only discreetly with the matte "X-treme last Lipliner" by Manhattan (about 2 euros). But there’s one thing I can’t do without, even in the home office: an extra-long eyeliner ring. For this I prefer to use the waterproof "Ink-Liner" from Essence (approx. 3 euros). With the thick eyeliner, it’s not so noticeable that I’m saving myself mascara and fake lashes for the time being.

Lockdown Beauty Routine by Angelika, Editor TRAVELBOOK

Cosmetics a liegend
These are the products Geli uses during the no-contact daysPhoto: Tikbow

I am one of those people who would never leave the house without at least a little color in my face. So I stick to my beauty routine even during the lockdown. I just feel better with a little bit of makeup on, and in the video conferences with my colleagues, even with makeup on, I look sallow enough anyway. My morning beauty routine: After showering, I cream my face with the "Teint Perfection Magic Complexion Cream" by Balea (50ml, approx. 5.93 euros), which, thanks to released pigments, conceals skin imperfections without applying too thickly. Under the eyes comes a drop of concealer ("One Drop Coverage" by Catrice, 7ml, about 4.49 euros). Also from Catrice is the eyebrow powder (Eyebrow Set, about 3.99 euros), which is applied with a brush and makes schön soft contours without it "painted" looks. And without a little (currently) grüner eye shadow and a lot of mascara goes with me nothing. I use the "Volume Million Lash Extra Black" of L’Oréal (9.2ml, about 10.95 euros), which does not stick the lashes and conjures up a lot of volume. Finally, a little compact powder "Terra" from Alverde (about 3.75) against the shine on the face – ready!

Marlene, working student TECHBOOK

Cosmetics a liegend
And what does this beauty haul tell us? Here someone likes it möglichst stress-free!Photo: Tikbow

Actually, nothing has changed in my beauty routine in the lockdown: In the morning cream ("Moisturizing Melt-In Balm" by Avène, 100ml, 8.45 euros), eyeliner ("Dip Eyeliner Waterproof" by Manhattan, about 2.99 euros) and mascara ("Glam & Doll" by Catrice, 9.5ml, approx. 3,99 Euro) into the face and sometimes Dry Wax ("More Inside" by Davines, 100ml, ca. 17,40 Euro) into the hair, if I don’t just wear it open. After the first few days in the home office, in which I – honestly – pretty let myself go, has established itself to the Wohlfühlen again just so. In addition, there is now daily time to take care of my eyebrows.

Trixi, Lead Editor Tikbow

5 products are enough for me to get through Corona dayPhoto: Tikbow

I have completely cut down on beauty and make-up during the lockdown and am relying on the sun’s rays, which I hope will soon conjure up a bit of color in my face. At the moment I wash my face just with water, apply the night cream "Mondschein" by Schwarzwald (79.90 euros for 50 ml) now also during the day "Nude" (30 ml for about 15 euros) over it a thin layer getöntes Beauty Balm by Weleda. Für extremely dry areas I use "Skin Food" by Weleda  (about 8 euros) – the cream is schön greasy and nänend. Completely without mascara, however, it does not go, currently I use the brown "Defining Mascara" by Dr. Hauschka (about 18 euros), which I still had lying around in the bathroom. For my light brows, I use the eyebrow styling gel from Lavera (approx. 5 euros) and off I go to my desk or on the couch or in the children’s room. In general, now is the ideal time to try out products that have not been used for a long time – maybe there is one or the other with long-lasting potential.

Lockdown Beauty Routine by Anna, Editor FITBOOK

Beauty Flat Lay
Anna relies on a mix of homemade cream and light beauty products. Photo: Tikbow

In Corona times, what I miss most is the portion of freshening air on the way to work – that’s why I’m currently shoving the coolest water the faucet will give me into my face. Afterwards, I apply a homemade cream to my face – it smells wonderfully of neroli and I’m currently allowed to test it for friends who want to launch the product soon. For a fresh look, I use Mac concealer (24-Hour Smooth Wear in the color NW20, about 22 euros), which I pat in with my fingers. The eyebrows I draw minimal – delicate subject, but with the eyebrow pencil from Mac I find that it looks absolutely discreet and natural. My eyelashes I mascara only on top, and with the Everything Mascara from Bobby Brown (about 29 euros). Lipstick is also part of my home office routine, but it should be as discreet as possible. I like for example very much the Bobby Brown "Lip Color" in the color 21 Pale Pink (about 37 euros). In the evening, because of the dry air from the heating system, I now often use Dr. Hauschka’s Moisturizing Serum for the Face (approx. 17 euros), which I leave on overnight.