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Did you know what lip care can do?

Actually, it is only supposed to provide velvety-soft lips, but the care balm in a jar or in stick form can do much more. 8 hacks with the versatile beauty secret weapon from the cosmetics bag!

Lips need care to keep from drying out. And even though lip care products are often criticized, very few of us would be willing to do without them completely. And we don’t have to, on the contrary: lip care can do a lot more and can be used as a beauty all-round secret weapon from now on – 8 ingenious hacks!

Lip care as an eyeshadow primer

You don’t need an expensive eye shadow primer so that the powder eye shadow doesn’t already hang next to the corners of your mouth at midday. Lip care has the same effect: simply apply dünnn on the eyelid and then make up as usual. If you want extra hold, use the balm to fix the eyeshadow again.

Prevent blisters

If you have a pressure sore in your new pumps, but there’s no blister stick or plaster nearby, a lip balm will do the trick. Just smear it on the affected area to reduce friction inside the shoe.

Flying hairs with lip balm

Flying hair is a pain. To clean up the mess on your head, simply spread a little lip balm in your hands (similar to hair wax) and go over the top of your hair. The hair immediately becomes smooth again. By the way, it also works on baby hair.

Care cuticles

Cracked cuticles not only look unsightly, they can also be very painful. For in between, simply massage a little lip balm into the cuticle. This usually relieves immediately and thanks to the variety of nutrients in lip care, the skin is even cared for.

Lip care as a highlighter substitute

For the so-called "dewy look" lip balm is ideal. Simply apply like a highlighter on cheekbones, above the eyebrows and on the tip of the nose and look like freshly creamed.

Shape eyebrows

Are your eyebrows doing what they want? Simply apply a little lip care over your eyebrows and shape them with an eyebrow brush.

Ring emergency

The ring is stuck on your finger and can’t be moved a millimeter? Then simply smear your finger with lip balm. Thanks to the reduced friction, the ring slips off your hand almost by itself.

Heal a sore nose

A nasty cold is often accompanied by a bright red nose. To combat soreness caused by excessive tissue use, a little lip care helps, simply apply to the affected areas. Not only helps reduce the pain of blowing, but also promotes healing of the affected areas of skin.