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Did you know how perfume can affect your mood?

Fragrances influence mood and perception – you can take this into account when choosing a perfume. In this Tikbow interview, a fragrance expert explains what different scents trigger in people and how to use them correctly.

Perfüm can do more than just smell good. Fragrances can influence our mood, perception and emotions. Did you know, for example, that mint fragrances arouse the desire to buy and are therefore popular in shopping malls? Birgit Bluhm from the Berlin perfumery Delfi knows which fragrances trigger which feelings in us or our counterparts. In conversation with Tikbow, she explains which scents lift our mood, which make us appear younger or fitter, and which have a particularly pleasant effect on others.

Fragrances with a citrus note lift the mood

Morning grouch? Fine citrus notes lift the mood and wake you up. "Mixed with Mediterranean spices, they put us in a vacation mood and thus immediately lift the spirits", explains Bluhm. Due to its refreshing effect, perfume with citrus aromas is well suited for warm days and also in the Büro. The light scent of lemon, orange and the like is not only pleasant, the aromas also improve concentration and creativity.

Grapefruit makes jünger

Those who want to look younger rely on grapefruit scents, advises Bluhm. Because the smell of the tart citrus fruit can do more than just lift your mood: "Anyone who wears a fragrance with a grapefruit note is estimated to be five years younger", explains the expert, who emphasizes the sporty, fresh aspect of the scent. Sounds too good to be true? But it has been scientifically proven! The American fragrance researcher Dr. Alan Hirsch found that women who wear grapefruit fragrances actually appear younger to men. Women, however, do not fall for the olfactory trick the other way around – sorry, men!

However, grapefruit fragrances can have one disadvantage, the expert warns. For some people, the scent on the skin can easily turn into a sweaty smell – so always try out first whether the scent really suits you!

Düfte with vanilla create a relaxed mood

The sweet smell of vanilla has a similar effect on many people: it is associated with happiness, security and familiarity. Why is this so? "The scent of vanilla reminds us of mom, of home, of freshly cooked vanilla pudding", explains Bluhm. The soothing scent of the expensive spice is therefore also used for nervousness and irritability, and generally to lift the mood.

Extra tip: Vanilla scents, but also chocolate, coconut or coffee notes can help against involuntary snacking. One or two sprinkles inhibit the desire for sweets.

Cinnamon düfte let their Trägerin appear slimmer  

The scent of cinnamon has a further, more disconcerting effect, because it has been proven to make people look slimmer. No joke! US researcher Alan Hirsch also found this out in a study. He had women parfumed with different weights and then had their weight estimated by 200 men. Something that would probably no longer be possible today in the wake of the body positivity movement. But Hirsch found out at the time that women appeared up to 6 kilos lighter to their counterparts if they had put on a floral fragrance with spicy notes such as cinnamon, pepper or cardamom.

Which fragrances are currently particularly popular?

Despite the surprising effects of grapefruit, cinnamon and the like, there are currently quite different fragrances that are in vogue: "Fruit cocktails with vanilla are experiencing a real hype" at the moment, says Bluhm. These include, for example, pineapple, strawberry, apricot, peach and tangerine. Also in demand: oud notes with tonka bean or so-called molecule perfumes, which underline the scent and have an eroticizing effect in combination with lots of musk.