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Day cream vs. night cream – difference explained

The choice of day and night creams is huge, but does our skin really need different care during the day than when we sleep? An expert provides the answers.

The answer is clear: Yes, says Anna Küchel-Müller, Redakteurin with the portal "" The offer of different skin care products for the day and night care is well justified, so the Expertin. These care products are optimally adapted to the biorhythm of the skin. While the cells of the skin are busy during the day defending themselves against environmental influences, cell renewal follows during the active regeneration phase at night.

Day cream vs. night cream

Day care forms the basis for the entire day, which is often associated with stress for the skin – UV rays, dust particles and other environmental influences attack the cells and leave their mark. Many day creams therefore contain UV protection. Modern day care products also scavenge free radicals that can be triggered by UV rays, for example,” explains Küchel-Müller. Since day creams also often serve as a makeup base, they must also be absorbed quickly by the skin.

Night creams have a much richer formula than day creams. They support the skin’s renewal process during sleep and channel active ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, into the skin in concentrated form.

As a general rule, skin care must suit the skin.

Day and night cream should be tailored to the respective skin type: normal, dry, sensitive or oily. According to Küchel-Müller, it is hardly possible to tell from the list of ingredients alone whether a skin care product is for night or day. Here one must rely on the addition "day" or "night" on the packaging.