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Contouring from 50: With our instructions and tips for make-up for mature skin, you will ensure a fresh and youthful appearance!

Eternal youth – what woman doesn’t want that? Different diets, sports and expensive cosmetic treatments – what we do not do everything to look as fresh and young as possible. No matter whether we want to remove dark circles under our eyes or conjure up a radiant complexion – with make-up we can conceal small flaws in no time at all and every woman has her own make-up tricks and secrets. However, not all make-up is the same and especially after a certain age our skin needs more intensive care. Contouring as a make-up technique has been trendy for years and is an excellent way to perfect our facial shape. If you also prefer to look fresher and a few years younger, then you have come to the right place. To make you feel even more confident, we’ll explain below how exactly contouring works from 50 and give you great makeup tips for mature skin.

What exactly is contouring?

make up face narrower contouring from 50 make up tips older women

Contouring from 50 allows us to emphasize certain parts of the face and move others more into the background. For example, you can use it to make your lips look fuller or even your nose look narrower if you place the makeup skillfully. The use of light and dark shades creates visual highlights. While applying dark contours makes the face look narrower, the light shades highlight certain areas of the face and thus emphasize our assets.

Prepare the skin properly

which foundation for mature skin contouring from 50 tutorial

In order to look fresh and youthful, our skin from a certain age needs not only the right anti-aging care, but also the right makeup . This should visually conceal wrinkles, provide the skin with ample moisture and conjure up a healthy complexion for us. And to achieve this, we explain step-by-step how to prepare your skin accordingly. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be a professional to do it!

Foundation and Primer

Contouring from 50 tips make up face narrower guide

As women get older, their skin loses elasticity and becomes significantly drier. To succeed with contouring from 50 and to achieve a flawless look, you should invest in high-quality foundation and primer for mature skin. These do not deposit in the small wrinkles, but fill the lines and provide the skin with more moisture. To create a flawless canvas, find a foundation that matches your skin tone.

Color correction for an even complexion

what to use color corrector for Contouring from 50 instructions

The best thing a woman can do to fight aging and make her face look younger is to even out her skin tone. This is honestly the ultimate anti-aging technique for us that you should be able to do when you reach a certain age. Color correction as makeup is generally based on the principles of color theory. Now think of the color wheel from art class – colors that are opposite each other on the wheel cancel each other out. Or to put it another way – color correcting is balancing one color with its complementary color. And here’s a quick overview of exactly how that works.

  • Green is the complementary color to red and is used to conceal minor redness or spots.
  • Yellow neutralizes violet and blue and is ideal for evening out the complexion or concealing dark circles under the eyes .
  • Red/peach conceal dark circles under the eyes on very fair skin and can conceal small pigmentation spots.
  • Purple helps with both dark circles and pigmentation spots and brings tired, slightly yellowish skin back to radiance.

Contouring from 50: Instructions

what is contouring instructions make-up for mature skin

However, there is no general guide to contouring from 50. After all, every face is different and depending on which areas you want to highlight or conceal, there are also different methods. For the most natural result possible, you should of course know your face shape. The right product also plays an important role and for contouring from 50 you prefer to reach for creamy makeup or pencils. Powder settles in the wrinkles and looks rather artificial and mask-like. Also make sure that the product is 2-3 shades darker than your own skin color.

Contouring from 50 for a round face

makeup tips mature skin contouring from 50 tips

With contouring from 50, you can ensure that your round face looks visually narrower. The makeup technique also defines the sharper edges and provides a fresh and youthful appearance.

  • Apply the contour starting from the hairline above the temples, along the edge of the face to the center of the cheeks.
  • Next, draw a line just below the cheekbones and one along the jaw.
  • Then apply a highlighter on the highest point of the chin and above the cheekbones in a rounded shape.
  • Finally, blend everything with a contouring brush or a makeup sponge and you’re done – that’s how contouring from 50 goes!

Contouring from 50 for angular faces

Contouring from 50 makeup mistakes that make older

If you have an angular face, you can use contouring from 50 to visually shorten the facial lines and thus balance out the sharp contours.

  • Apply contouring to the lower part of the cheekbones and the temples.
  • Next, contour the jawline on the left and right sides.
  • Put the highlights on the chin, forehead and cupid’s bow.
  • To enhance the effect, apply some highlighter on the lower edges of the eyebrows.
  • Finally, blend everything well.

Video tutorial

And if you still haven’t understood how exactly contouring from 50 works, just watch the video above! There, everything is super simple and explained step-by-step, so that even beginners will succeed perfectly.