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Completely without grains! What Aqua Peeling can do

Smooth and supple – that’s how many people want their skin. Relatively new among the care products that promise this effect are so-called aqua peelings. What are their distinguishing features?

Regular exfoliation is intended to refresh the skin, remove dead skin particles and thus ensure a more beautiful complexion. For the face, it is recommended – depending on the product – an application once or twice a week. However, conventional peelings can quickly become too aggressive for sensitive skin. Aqua Peelings work differently – Tikbow explains what the beauty product is all about and for which skin types it is best suited.

How does Aqua Peeling differ from conventional peeling?

Peelings usually remove dead skin cells with fine granules. So-called aqua peelings do without this mechanical stimulus. This is because they are a combination of mild acids and moisturizing ingredients that have the exfoliating effect on the skin. Unlike normal peels, these products promise a double effect: they not only gently remove dead skin cells and excess sebum, but also moisturize the skin at the same time. As a result, they are said to provide a particularly radiant complexion.

For which skin types are these products suitable?

The ingredients mostly include lactic acid and glycolic acid, as they provide the exfoliating effect. Also included: Extracts of plant substances and seawater, which moisturize the skin. Aqua peelings are suitable for normal to dry skin. They can be used specifically on dry, rough areas or the entire face and are usually available as a gel or foam. The application is very simple: A small amount of the peeling between the wet hands aufschäumen and apply with gentle massage movements on the skin. Avoid the eye area. Then rinse off all product residues thoroughly. If the face feels dry or the skin taut after application, it helps to apply a rich moisturizer.