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Care tips and home remedies for rough elbows and knees

Two areas of the body are often neglected in skin care: the elbows and knees. Yet the skin there is not only often extremely rough and dry, but in individual cases can even indicate a more serious disease. Tikbow asked an expert about the causes and knows tips and home remedies that help.

Causes of rough knees and elbows

Under the thin skin on the elbows there is much less sebum than on the upper and lower arms, and the same applies to the knees. Therefore these places tend rather to drying out, explain Dr. med. Miriam Rehbein, Hautärztin in the Münchener Dermatologie practice at the peace angel. In addition, there is a lot of pressure here, because people often lean on their elbows. Therefore cornea forms automatically here", so the Medizinerin. This in turn feels rough and can turn dark. The natural aging process also plays a role in the development of rough elbows, which generally reduces the elasticity of the skin. However, there is still no cure for this,” the expert adds.

What care makes dry elbows and knees soft again?

This is where the right skin care helps. Since in case of doubt it can be a übermäßige tissue aggravation (in this case the callus), peelings are the simplest and most effective measure to maintain knees and elbows soft. Depending on the skin condition, it may be sufficient to rub the areas with a sisal glove,” says Dr. Rehbein. In skin cases, rougher textures – such as nail brushes – are more suitable. The doctor also recommends natural fruit peelings from the fruit department. Cut a lemon in half and rub it into the affected areas for a few minutes,” says the expert.

Also important: apply cream! Finally, dry skin primarily misses moisture. The chapped skin ointment that is usually used to treat rough heels can also make elbows more supple again,” explains Dr. Rehbein.

Are rough elbows a health problem?

In general, it cannot be ruled out that psoriasis is behind rough elbows. This is an inflammatory disease, which is also noticeable in other parts of the body with spots and skin flaking. The elbows are prädilection points, i.e. a region of the body where psoriasis – the technical term for psoriasis – often starts. If the skin scales particularly noticeably, it should be shown to a dermatologist," recommends Dr. Rehbein. However, this is a rarer case. As a rule, rough, discolored elbows are only a cosmetic problem.

5 home remedies for rough elbows and knees

Against rough and dry places at knees and elbows also simple house means help beside cream.


Honey not only makes our lips soft and tender, it also helps with dry spots on the body. To do this, simply warm the honey slightly over a water bath and then apply generously to the elbows and knees and massage in gently.

Lemon Säure

Once a week, rub a cut lemon peel over dry elbows and knees. The fruit acid softens the skin and gently removes dead scales. Afterwards, be sure to use a cream, because fruit acid dries out the skin.

Olive oil

Nicht nur bei trockenen Haaren ist Olive oil ein echter Feuchtigkeitsspender, auch für die Haut ist das Öl eine ideale Pflege. Vermischt mit grobem Meersalz peelt es Ellenbogen und Knie und hift bei trockenen Stellen.

Wound ointment

Sometimes the only thing that helps with dry skin is an SOS remedy. Rich wound creams offer quick relief and reduce itching and tightness on knees and elbows.

Baking soda

Baking soda ist nicht nur in der Küche ein vielseitiger Alleskönner. Das Hausmittel hilft auch bei trockener und schuppiger Haut und kann dunkel verfärbte Stellen leicht aufhellen. Angerührt mit ein wenig Wasser, wird die Paste auf die Ellenbogen oder Knie aufgetragen. Nach drei Minuten Einwirkzeit mit warmen Wasser abwaschen.